DJ Trademark – Electro Season (EP)

Posted by on July 30, 2012

The question has been lingering around the blogsphere for the last few months now…who will be next to capitalize on the mashup market and achieve the quick rise to fame that Kap Slap & 3LAU have? With the release of his latest EP, “Electro Season,” I think DJ Trademark just answered that question for us. Compared to previous releases, this entire EP is on a different level. Everything from the overall creativity to the technicality of each track; you can tell how much DJ Trademark has improved and really perfected the art. The EP features a wide variety of different electronic tracks perfectly blended with everyone’s favorite top 40 vocals. Hands will be in the air, dance floors will be filled, and the season will be electro (as long as DJ Trademark has anything to do with it).

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