Alvin Risk — Infinity EP

Posted by on April 25, 2012

This new Alvin Risk EP contained a different side of Alvin we haven’t ever seen. I was sort of disappointed with this EP, not because he chose to do something different, but just because of the fact that some of the songs didn’t contain that appleaing Alvin Risk signature style that that fans have grown to love. I will admit though, I was a little disheartened when the we first got the EP track listing that his collaborations with Skrillex weren’t included. I should have seen if coming though being it does have Skrillex’s name on the track and all. With that being said, two out of the four tracks on here are pretty dope tracks. Survival has some of the most intricate combinations of laser synth sounds, alongside Sirah’s vocals. Same thing with Psychotic; bringing some crazy synth sounds along with an up-beat tempo. Infinity and Pray lacked the Alvin Risk esque style, which is why I wasn’t a fan of the tracks, nevertheless give each track a chance. You can grab the EP on Beatport HERE.

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