The Way I See It… Mac Miller On That White Lady

Posted by on April 4, 2012

Let me preface this by saying if Mac Miller is your role model, you should likely set your sights higher. Artists are people too. They’re inevitably going to make mistakes. Fans often exalt artists on a moral pedestal, creating a misguided but well intentioned belief that their favorite artist can do no wrong. Whether he accepts it or not, Mac Miller is a role model to many. I can’t imagine how many flat-brimmed wearing kids out there look up to him. Understandably, he’s trying to do damage control by denying the allegations. I don’t blame him. His handlers are probably going on PR blitz as we speak.

Frankly, there’s no way to prove whether or not he’s under the influence of narcotics. All we have to go on is a video. It’s hardly any evidence at all, and Mac Miller knows that. He’ll sweep this under the rug and dismiss it on Twitter like it’s nothing. Fans will jump to his defense and another scandal will break by tomorrow erasing all memory of this video entirely #problemsolved. Let this be a lesson to those who put their trust in an artist’s hands. Don’t make an artist your role model, they’ll only disappoint you. Rich Mayo once said, “You’ve got to be careful whom you pattern yourself after because you’re likely to become just like them.” Go back and re-read that. Free Jewelry.

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