Knife Party – 100% No Modern Talking EP

Posted by on December 7, 2011

Here it is! Knife Party’s 100% No Modern Talking EP! We wanted to wait until 30,000 facebook likes, but lets be serious, if you have something like this just laying around you can’t not share it. This thing is intense, Sev and I had gotten to the point where we only wanted a few of the tracks on here, but after listening, we have come to the conclusion that this is one of the greatest EPs FNT will post. Enough chit-chat, time for some epic tunes!

MUST DOWNLOAD: Knife Party – Fire Hive

MUST DOWNLOAD: Knife Party – Tourniquet

MUST DOWNLOAD: Knife Party – Destroy Them With Lazers

MUST DOWNLOAD: Knife Party – Internet Friends

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  • Ace

    Been listening to this and it’s amazing. Knife Party FTW

  • Sdfsdfsd


  • Joel

    I don’t get how you guys have this? Knife Party themselves don’t release it until the 12th?

  • Google

    @joel Haven’t you heard? FNT is the shit

  • BiBiJones

    You guys get this from Vinyl Penetration earlier? Somehow they got their hands on it.

  • Motherfucker Jones

    im cuming in the face of my girlfriend

  • T

    Yeah the guy on clubland finally let this go, so now its here and all over the internet, not an exclusive

  • Joel

    Nah dude, posting someone’s music before they release it themselves isn’t cool. The point of these music blogs is to support artists, and posting leaks isn’t supporting the artist whatsoever. sure it promotes their name and their music, but not even allowing an artist to release the music themselves FIRST is just dick. I along with a handful of other music bloggers lost a lot of respect for FNT tonight with this post. I know I’ll get flamed for the comment, but I truly don’t care. If the writers and admin at FNT had the least bit of respect for Knife Party or any other hardworking producer/musician in the current online music scene, they would take the post down and at least wait the 5 days until Knife Party releases it themselves. I mean hell, they are releasing it for free anyway.

  • AJ

    i agree with the joel guy. kinda sucks that you released it first than them. i won’t download this until THEY release it. it’s free anyway. : )

  • Google

    chill man, knife party should learn to not send out advanced copies of shit. I saw this posted on like 3 other sites today before fnt got it up. dont blame fnt, blame the tards that think promo cds were ever a good idea

  • Jessica

    Before you go pointing fingers at people, maybe you should think about what you’re saying. FNT posted a FREE EP. How many tracks have you downloaded illegally that aren’t free? Why is that okay? As a blogger have you not once ever leaked a single track on your blog? I doubt it. It would be one thing if he leaked an entire EP that wasn’t free, but that isn’t the case. A lot of times leaks make an artist more successful. It is part of the game. Lastly, it isn’t your job to decide what the point of a music blog is. Happy Holidays.

  • WhoDoYouThinkYouAre

    Oh so when Wales new album got leaked no one bats an eye, but when someone leaks a fuckin free ep dumbasses like you gotta give em shit??? If you dont want the ep GTFO!

  • Five hive is the best track in my opinion.
    None of the tracks really blew me away. Im not really to sure why everyone likes internet friends either. Meh.

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