Mac Miller – Party On 5th Ave (Music Video)

Posted by on October 27, 2011

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After hearing the rip of this track after it’s Hot 97 debut on Tuesday, Mac gives MTV the honors of releasing the official video.  This marks the third official single off Mac’s debut album, Blue Slide Park, and I believe it’s produced by E. Dan.  As BIGLIFE was saying the other day, I’m not sure this album is going to live up to it’s hype.  It’s hard to say because Mac’s mixtapes have been absolute gems, which makes me wonder, did he set the bar too high for himself?

I respect the fact that he’s not featuring any other artists on the album, which is extremely rare, especially for a debut album, but judging by what I’ve heard so far I’m slightly disappointed.  Frick Park Market is my favorite of the three tracks released to date and that hook sounds dangerously similar to “Donald Trump”.  I think Mac’s verses on “Blue Slide Park” and “Party On 5th Ave” have been on point, but the hooks are less than I expected.  In Mac’s favor, his single’s always seem to grow on me, so hopefully that’s the case with these.

What’s everyone’s thoughts on Blue Slide Park thus far?

DOWNLOAD: Mac Miller – Party On 5th Ave (Radio Rip)

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  • BrowniePts

    I don’t know Grubeats. You can’t get mad at the kid for making his music similar to probably his most successful song, Donald Trump. So far, I’d say three of his songs he’s released, “Frick Park Market”, “Smile Back”, and “Party on 5th Ave” all have the potential to be singles. I’m not crazy about “Blue Slide Park” but it’s a decent album filler. The album may not have the story and flow that his mixtapes did, but the songs will be of really high quality…I hope.
    I’m not saying you’re completely wrong by any means. I just think the album still has potential because you never know what the kid will do next. Plus you have to give it to him. He never has leaks on the singles he’s released so far, and as soon as Hot97 played this song, Mac dropped a music video for it. There’s very few artist that can do what he does.

  • @BrowniePts I completely agree, I’m not selling Mac short by any means. I wish him the best and hope BSP is the album of the year (maybe second to Cole World). There’s not a harder working teenager in the game and he deserves every ounce of recognition he receives. Maybe I set the bar too high myself and hoped each one of these singles would have potential to pop off like Donald Trump did. It definitely does make a difference when you hear a radio rip as opposed to a CDQ that you can max out your speakers to. Certainly there still is plenty of time for that to happen, I just hope he’s capable of consistently delivering content equivalent to that of his mixtape’s. #MostDope

  • jdilla

    i don’t know what you guys are talking about, i like this song. Same flow as usual, classy beat, simple but effective. Of course it dosen’t have radio play in its future but if you really think about it none of macs songs have the mainstream appeal that today’s people need (Donald Trump is the 1 exception out of like 100 songs). The 3 singles sound great to me, and im still excited for the rest of the album.

  • Grubeatsfnt

    Dont get me wrong, I’m definitely still excited for the album.

  • anon

    donald trump isnt half as tite as blue slide park or frick park market, they sound nothing alike. his songs and style just keep getting better and better from highlife to blue slide park, i dont know how many rappers you can say that about