DJ Mag Poll Results & Glitch Mob Mixtape

Posted by on October 21, 2011

As almost all of you know the famed DJ mag poll came out yesterday and not without a lot of controversy. This poll is voted by fans and is thus in many ways a popularity and marketing contest. You have to be a skilled DJ/producer as well to enter the list, but there is the added aspect of marketing and number of fans. First and foremost many people have been outraged at the fact that David Guetta was named the number one DJ in the world, however he has been a major factor in the explosion of EDM in the US. He has done a lot of work with mainstream artists, but his other tracks such as “Bassline” are quite good. Many other artists benefited from the poll as well like Avicii, who rose 33 spots to the number 6, Afrojack to 7, Dash Berlin to 8, Skrillex entering the poll at 19, Arty rising 53 spots to number 25, Hardwell entering the poll at 24, and Calvin Harris who was the highest riser in 60 spots to 34. One can say that Avicii is overrated at 6 especially over legends like ATB, Fedde Le Grand and PVD, but look at what he has done this year; “Fade into Darkness”, “Blessed”, “Street Dancer”, “Snus”, “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall Remix”, “Drowning”, “Derezzed”, “Sunshine”, “Sweet Dreams” and that does not even include “Levels”, a classic track that will be played for years to come.
One person who was notably low in the rankings was Dirty South at 93 even after the year he had playing Creamfields, Electric Zoo and countless other festivals and clubs worldwide and with releases such as “Invisible” and “Alive”. Cosmic Gate, the German trance duo was notably low and one can only think that if their album coming out on October 31st had released during voting would they have been higher, and the same can be thought about PVD. Kaskade also falls into this category with his upcoming album and he deserves to be higher without a doubt with Identity festival, his essential mix and tracks “Eyes” and “Turn It Down”. Eric Prydz, one of the most talented DJs and producers in the world has had a great year and still ended up 46, which is a disaster. I really hope it was not because Cirez D and Pryda, his other DJ monikers were counted separately. Possibly the most astounding this was the list of snubs headlined by the likes of R3hab, Thomas Gold, John Dalhback, Michael Woods, Tommy Trash, Nicky Romero and the Russian Trios Hard Rock Sofa and Swanky Tunes. The system is flawed and I think everyone understands that. The rankings are not a measure of one’s ability, they only serve as rough guide to help an unfamiliar fan compare the artist’s talent to others. The poll has some importance as well because many clubs in Asia choose who they want to bring in using the rankings and use it a as a promoting tool, and I have seen American clubs use the DJ mag rankings to help promote shows. The only true way to get to know the artist is by listening to their music and seeing them live. Sound off in the comments on the rankings about anybody ranked too high, low or any snubs.
While you were reading that I hope you scrolled down and hit play on this new Glitch Mob mixtape of new and old hits all rolled up in one hour of great glitch electro.
DOWNLOAD: Glitch Mob – More Voltage

This is for our Canadian fans. Beta, a great club in Waterloo Canada that has hosted some of the best in EDM such as Avicii, Steve Angello, Gareth Emery and more is under siege by the man and needs signatures on a petition to help fight to get their liquor license accepted and stay as one of the best clubs in North America.

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