XV & Skrillex – Boss Level

Posted by on October 11, 2011

Well this is a surprise coming from XV. He’s always been one to search outside the box when it comes to production, but Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites might be a little out of his safe-zone. You be the judge…

DOWNLOAD: XV – Boss Level (prod. by Skrillex)

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  • When I asked for more dub step in hip-hop, this really wasn’t what I was talking about. Weak. And I love Vizzy.

  • IMO

    the decision to make this track is highly suspect. i demand an investigation. this is not boss level, it’s world 1-1 on the first Super Mario Bros

  • Tosh

    “this is the worst thing i’ve ever heard in my life. no rapper should ever try to use skrillex’s work for such an abomination ever again.”

    I agree, this is the kind of dubstep that’s too good for anyone to rap over.

  • This is a very dirty dubstep track to go over. I feel like this kinda thing could work had Skrillex and Vizzy actually worked together.. dropping a verse over something like this is hard to get right, but I like the idea!

  • supmoney

    abslutely terrible. you cant spit over a beat thats THIS complex. either take a loop/hook out of it and work with that or dont even try. You need an actual beat after you get that even.

  • AnonVP

    This epitomizes Fresh New Tracks…..

  • gnovak

    i could fart a better song than that

  • bacchus

    i wasnt expecting this when i went into the dubstep genre