Wolfgang Gartner – Weekend in America (album review)

Posted by on September 21, 2011

Wolfgang Gartner’s first album dropped yesterday, and let me begin by saying: it does not disappoint. In fact, it’s pretty crazy. It goes hard, he keeps it interesting and creative by incorporating a lot of variety, and virtually every track is high energy in its own right. He manages to bring together catchy, progressive house melodies with glitchy, dynamic, and always heavy beats, for an overall sound that’s somewhere between Skrillex and Swedish House Mafia. While the blockbuster tracks have been out for a while — Space Junk; Illmerica — it’s still undoubtedly worth the download. Basically, this is the kind of thing you want to be dancing your face off to in a dark basement.

There are two different versions available — the “bonus track” version on iTunes, which, as the name suggests, features the bonus track Cognitive Dissonance (which dropped on Hot Topic’s website last week, of all places….rogue), and the extended version which can be found on Beatport. Anyone who really appreciates the unique sound that Wolfgang brings to his tracks will undoubtedly be best served by the longer mixes available for DL on Beatport, so take my advice and hit up the link below.

FULL ALBUM (buy here): Wolfgang Gartner – Weekend in America (Extended Version)

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