jOBOT, Oscillator Z, Chrispy, and SKisM

Posted by on September 9, 2011

For those of you who have already pressed play, I know what you are thinking. I thought the same thing, “Not as heavy or dubby as I expected, but I still like it.” This track is a perfect balance of old school meets new school, great party starter.

DOWNLOAD: Stevie Wonder – Superstition (jOBOT Remix)

I love it when dubstep artist pick old school vocals to remix. Especially when they are followed by a cool, original sounding drop.

DOWNLOAD: Morcheeba – Even Though (Oscillator Z Remix)

I can feel the fear that Chrispy must have meant for us to feel while listening to this HEAVY masterpiece. Watch out for that drop, it could kill you…or make you deaf.

DOWNLOAD: Chrispy – Predator (VIP)

This remix is set to release on Porter Robinson’s upcoming EP, “SPITFIRE,” Sept. 13th on Beatport. It will be the first release from Skrillex’s new label, OWSLA. This remix is insane, if dubstep artists received belts like in Karate, SKisM would be a Chuck Norris. I believe that is a real belt, if not, take it up with Chuck’s fist.

PREVIEW DOWNLOAD: Porter Robinson – The State (SKisM Remix) Preview

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