Loz Contreras – Sarajevo (Blackmill Remix)

Posted by on August 11, 2011

Who says you can’t relax to dubstep? These first two tracks are somewhere in between “ambient” and the “melodic” dubstep I normally post. Be sure to cop the Blackmill remix before all of your friends! And for good measure I threw in a heavier track that remixes Basshunters massive hit, “All I Ever Wanted”. Our die hard bass heads should definitely give that one a listen, but don’t complain if it makes your ears bleed.

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DOWNLOAD: Loz Contreras – Sarajevo – Blackmill Remix

DOWNLOAD: Edward Elgar – Nimrod (Jakwob Remix)So DOPE!


DOWNLOAD: BassHunter – All I Ever Wanted (KleptoMaDdox Remix)

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