Turmoil (Skrillex Remix) | Dubstep

Posted by on July 7, 2011

Alright so above is the original track that Skrillex (who was still going by Sonny Moore at the time) put out years ago, I know it isn’t our usual cup of tea but I figured it’d be cool to post the original track to compare to his remix below. If you’ve been to any of his shows you may have heard him play this, or you may have heard a lesser quality version floating around on the internet. Whether or not this is the final version is still up in the air, judging by the fade-in opening it may still be unfinished. He’s preforming today at Camp Bisco in up-state New York, and tomorrow at Atlantic City, NJ… Who’s going?

DOWNLOAD: Skrillex – Turmoil (Remix) DOPE

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