Benga, 16bit, Stephan Jacobs & NiT GriT, Wick-It

Posted by on June 16, 2011

Let me start by saying that I am more of a house and trance guy, but dubstep is growing on me and the people want it, so here is some dubstep. Here is the new song that Benga of Magnetic Man just gave to the world for free. The video is absurd and next time you are out bumping some dubstep, try some of these moves.
DOWNLOAD: Benga – Smack Your Bitch Up

If you want those Zeds Dead songs go to Machs post on June 14th and DO watch all of the dubstep symphony because it is incredible. Now on to the correction. Here is a track by NiT GriT and Stephen Jacobs off of their EP Pizza Party.
DOWNLOAD: Stephan Jacobs & NiT GriT – Don’t Stop

Here is a dubstep remix to Amon Tobin’s new single Surge. If you haven’t seen the live show he did on his latest tour, it is probably the most ridiculous visual experience that has been created.
DOWNLOAD: Amon Tobin – Surge (16Bit Remix)

The last one here is a pretty upbeat dubstep remix of the smokers classic I got 5 on it, so sit back, enjoy and do you. Also be on the look out for a dubstep collaboration between Skrillex and Diplo.
DOWNLOAD: Luniz – I Got 5 On It (Wick-it Remix)

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