Rebecca Black – Friday (DUBSTEP REMIX) | DUBSTEP

Posted by on April 11, 2011

Biglife’s favorite song remixed by some filthy dubstep…a little heavy for the average viewer, still worth a listen.

DOWNLOAD: Rebecca Black – Friday (A Flith Remix)

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  • Tosh

    hahahah this turned bad to good. perfect

  • The Rudebrat Remix you perviously posted is better ha

  • GSXF750

    wow these lyrics are so …. just… wow… the talent! haha

  • Anonymous

    this is an insult to dubstep…enough said

  • Zack

    Agreed. This is an insult..

  • stop posting garbage juicefag. dubstep’s played out

  • Anouk

    Agreed… again. This so… poor.