Minnesota, DAM, and Upcoming Purchases | Dubstep

Posted by on March 12, 2011

I love how this drags out a bit in the beginning, then BOOM flooded with some GLORIOUS, CHILL dubstep. This remix has a nice feel good vibe going, for those of you that cant wait the drop builds at 2:00.

DOWNLOAD: Modeselektor – Let Your Love Grow (Minnesota Remix)

“Cozza Frenzy” is classic Bassnectar. This remix goes wild and maintains the main features of the original track. A lot is going on in this track beat wise, but it sounds SICK.

DOWNLOAD: Bassnectar – Cozza Frenzy (DAM Remix)

Upcoming Purchases

I was kinda disappointed yet happy at the same time when I found out I couldn’t post downloads for these next 2 tracks. Gemini is my favorite dubstep artist of all time, 99.9% of the stuff he drops is STRAIGHT FIRE. This track of his is dropping officially on April 18th. Butch Clancy on the other hand use to beast, then he kinda fell off the top for a bit. This track is definitely putting him back on the right path. No word quite yet on the release for it.
Diddy – Ass On The Floor (Gemini Remix) by Gemini
Big Bass Bomb *clip* by Butch clancy

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