Salman Aditya – Stereotypical Poet

Posted by on October 3, 2010

On average, I get more bad submissions that I do good. Sometimes, they’re unbearable. I mean, I really can’t even tolerate the mediocrity half the time. I have to write the artist back as to why they won’t make the site and then of course they get their panties in a bunch. That’s how it goes though. Rejection never feels good. I got this submission over the weekend I literally could not stop laughing. Read the e-mail below.

I mean, this is unintentional comedy gold. Are you kidding me right now? First of all, don’t put a smiley face in your e-mail. I swear all these european/foreigners always do that. Secondly, somebody tell this guy that it’s not “sites” it’s site. Lord have mercy. Who made this animation? What is this guy smoking? Random butterflies and mustaches? Is this some sick joke? I can’t stop watching the video because I can’t get it out of my head. This is like the worst submission of all time. Hands down. I quit.

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