Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Glitch, House | Joe Ford – Culture EP

Posted by on December 9, 2013

Joe Ford - Culture EPJoe Ford is one of the hottest names in bass music right now and the majority of the population doesn’t even know it yet. After his last successful release this year, “The Mission” EP, it comes to no surprise that he has yet again dominated with his “Culture” EP. Joe Ford kicks off this fresh EP with the title track “Culture”. This song is a behemoth, it is like Joe Ford thought to himself “Build up? Nah, I’m going to rape my fans in the face with my opening track on this release”. The waves of bass on this drop are ridiculous, I feel like my ears are being beaten to death by the lightsaber mach 1. “Distilled” tones the EP down a little… just a little. The track brings in the ever growing neuro-hop styling, bouncing you through some great kicks with the addition of that lovely flavor of reese-bass. As a gamer, this is the kind of track I’d want to be blasting my through hordes of noobs with.

I can see “Immobilise” being the theme of a fast traveling Spaceship being chased by another which is firing upon it, weaving in and out of asteroids with the occasional collision. If Michael Bay’s taste in music was worth anyone’s time, he would consider “Immobilise” for a space-flight scene in the next “Transformers” movie. Now, imagine a universe where Lex Luther kills Superman, Cell obliterates the Saiyans, and the Avengers perish at the hands of Ultron. Unopposed, “Villain” would be the track played as these cocky evil doers decimated our planet. If villains actually won, this song would be perfect, but considering they never do, we will just have to sit back and bump out to this badass tune with our imaginations.

Last, but not least we see the return of Asa on yet another EP ender with Inspected. “Real Talk” isn’t the kind of track we have been seeing throughout Joe Ford’s EP, it is the end of the story we have been listening to. “Culture” started us with the intense game changer that set the premise, “Distilled” the attempted fight through the initial bass threat, “Immobilise” the fight to the death, and “Villain” the defeat and utter destruction of what is left. Last, is the calm after the storm, with those left alive wondering what else is to come, the “Real Talk”. This is one of the best works I have heard all year, Joe Ford just set the bar.

Joe Ford

Beatport: Joe Ford – Culture EP

Hip-Hop | e-dubble – Grey Skies (Prod. by Villain)

Posted by on February 2, 2012

Taking a short sabbatical after consistently delivering new music almost every week for close to a year and a half, e-dubble is eager to get back in the booth and provide us with weekly refreshments.  With high hopes of hearing the first of the new series of “Freestyle Friday’s” last week, e-dubble shared this unfortunate message with his Facebook fans,

“So Freestyle Friday can’t come back just yet, I have no car, no mics, and no hair. And APPARENTLY, I need a “break.” I don’t know what a vacation looks like, but if the beer flows anything like the Wines of Capistrano out at the COLORADO SCHOOL OF MINES. I’ll be fine. Love, e-dub”

Soon after the Maryland MC shared this new collaboration with guitarist & producer, Villain, aka Billy Martin of Good Charlotte, who is also a MD native.  Word is e-dubble is working on an EP to release this year in addition to Freestyle Friday’s which will hopefully resume soon.

DOWNLOAD: e-dubble – Grey Skies (Prod. by Villain)

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