Bass | Varien Delivers Unique House-Based Banger With Single “Claws”

Posted by on April 27, 2018

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Varien. From multiple album releases with Monstercat to, more recently, landing #1 on the Korean pop charts writing for thriving national artists – he does what he loves and any fan of his would tell you: there’s alot he loves.

The solo original work, “Claws’,” squeaky clean mastering brings out the thumping basslines to a perfect hard-hitting level, all wrapped in a settling and groovy 128 tempo. Screeching trap aesthetics fill the voids at just the right moment, creating a classic dark sound that’s all it’s own. No one know’s what to expect from Varien next, but the quality caliber never ceases time after time. “Claws” is a unique addition to the extensive Varien roster.

Techno | Varien’s Experimental Techno Sound “ghost shell” Will Blow You Away

Posted by on March 21, 2017

Varien is a big name in dance music, he has entered a group of artists that are long standing, house-hold (in dance music house-holds) names that 2010’s dance music fans and new fans easily recognize. Yet, this week – and what is looking to be the rest of the year – Varien made his releases private and is starting fresh. Dropping only one track so far.

His latest is “ghost shell” a single that showcases a more techno-heavy side to what Varien fans are used to. The single still fits in the realm of something Varien puts out, but is certainly a highly experimental release for the solo artist. Stoked to see what 2017 will hold for him.

Bass | Listen To The Western & Eastern Culture Collide With Koinu’s “Gainax Bounce”

Posted by on April 21, 2016

Kpop and Japanese culture are coming together stronger than ever – Koinu’s sound is at an abstract intersection where popular styles of western electronic music and the recent global explosion of the tradionally eastern music trends collide.

Genres like Kawaii and artists like Porter Robinson have showcased snapshots of Western culture, in particular North America, slowing getting turned on to eastern music trends. Over time, it’s only natural that something like Koinu would be born our of these colliding cultures. I suppose we got lucky Varien filled in the gap, given his experience and deeper themes his artistry typically displays.


Koinu’s latest “Gainax Bounce” is an interesting ratio of bass and eastern vibes – a unique notch in the belt of releases the solo artist has pushed in the last few weeks.

If you like stand-out meaning and effort behind a sound, Koinu is your guy.


Bass | Koinu’s #SHIBESQUAD Brings Barking and Bass Together Like Never Before

Posted by on April 12, 2016

This has to be on of the heaviest Koinu songs he’s dropped to date. Koinu, who’s other alias is Varien. has been continuously releasing bass music with various trending themes built in, along side original artwork that all fits within a similar spectrum and color scheme.

Beware, this track includes vocals from dogs and encourages their kind, this challenges the very fabric the internet is based on. Love of cats.

The combination of hilarious vocal samples and ground-shaking bass will make your day. Dive deeper into what Koinu has to offer, he has several recently released sounds that create colorful experience.

Bass | Koinu Keeps The Trap & Bass Coming With “IceIce” Remix

Posted by on March 29, 2016

Koinu is Varien, one of Monstercat biggest, baddest, and most unique artists. Hes started a new side project called Koinu which features modern dressed anime girls posing, dope ass bass music, videos – an overall experience.

Before I dive in, I want to know, htf does Koinu do that with his font/text? There’s no program/app that forces his font to conform to other fonts no matter what it seems, Koinu makes everyone else’s code conform to his font..crazy.

Anyway, back to the music. The best way Koinu can be described is a blend of the trap-dubstep sound that is being thrown around these days and eastern culture. Nick has always been good at creating worlds, it looks as if he is doing it again.

Bass | Trivecta’s Monstercat Release “The Vale” Is An Unforgettable Multi-Mood Journey

Posted by on January 13, 2016

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Monstercat is known far and wide for it’s spectrum of great bass music. Trivecta has added yet another tune to the family with his single “The Vale.” The four-minute experience has fascinating highs and lows, amazing emotions conveyed through sound, and spot-on production quality.

Trivecta signature style and selling point is the highly relatable, highly energetic themes he builds in his music. His tunes paint pictures in your mind virtually without you knowing it, they get even more grand if you pause and truly tune in to the sound for a moment.

If you’re a fan of acts like Varien or Madeon, or enjoy some adventure in your beats, dive into Trivecta.

Compilation | Monstercat Delivers The Highly Anticipated ‘Voyage’ Compilation

Posted by on August 19, 2015


With fresh faces in the Monstercat family like Deon Custom, Summer Was Fun, and Slips & Slurs, the label is diversifying in an ever-changing landscape. And anchoring the expedition are Monstercat mainstays like Draper, Rootkit, and Varien with his debut album “The Ancient & Arcane”. Backed by passionate artists, we blaze ahead into the wild unknown with nothing but great expectations. Every album compilation marks another chapter in the Monstercat Story. And with Monstercat 023 – Voyage, we take a forward look at what’s to come. As the music industry experiences profound shifts in technology and tastes, Monstercat continues to forge ahead with a grand sense of adventure.