Trap | Play-N-Skillz – MCHG (Remixes)

Posted by on October 2, 2013


Play-N-Skillz have been quiet as of late, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been working hard. Coming off the success of their “Tom Ford” remix that saw spins on national radio, they release their anticipated “Magna Carta Holy Grail” remixes to the blogosphere. Look for a big single featuring Red Foo, Krazie Bone, and Lil Jon in the near future from the Grammy boys. Keep an eye out, they’re on the rise.

Hip-Hop | Ja Rule – Fresh Out The Pen (Prod. Myles.William X Irv Gotti X Reefa )

Posted by on September 19, 2013


Yooo, Ja Rule is fresh out the pen, and he’s not letting that bring him down. Peep “Fresh Out The Pen” produced by Irv Gotti, Reefa, and the homie Myles William. Yes you’re reading this right, we are in 2013, and Ja Rule is back at it with Murdec Inc’s own Irv Gotti! If you’re wondering if he’s still any good, I think so. I’m a fan of Ja’s rawness, and I always have been. Where’s 50 at nowadays anyways? Can anyone say “Ja Rule lost the battle, but not the war?” I think so, this music game is a marathon, not a sprint… Hope to see you back at the top Mr. Rule! And for real, like Ja Rule says: I don’t pop molly, and I don’t rock Tom Ford

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Free Download: Ja Rule – Fresh Out The Pen

Electro, Mainstream Remix | Jay Z – Tom Ford (Ravi B. Bootleg)

Posted by on August 15, 2013

Tom Ford Cover Art

DJ Ravi B’s been on my radar as an upcoming producer/remixer ever since he sent over his bootleg Robin S remix of “Show Me Love” He just sent over this dope trap/dubstep remix of Jay Z’s new track “Tom Ford” and I had to give the man a proper introduction on FNT. If you’re going out tonight, make sure to add these tracks to your playlist for pre-gaming, they go hard, so get that! Great work Ravi, and keep’em coming with these remixes!

Free Download: Jay Z- Tom Ford (Ravi B. Bootleg)

Also check out Ravi’s excellent progressive house bootleg remix of Lana Del Rey’s “Young & Beautiful.”

Free Download: Lana Del Rey- Young & Beautiful (Ravi B. Bootleg)

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