Compilation, Featured | Mach’s Top 10 Free Downloads & Top 10 Purchases of 2013

Posted by on January 2, 2014

Mach's Top 10 of 20132013 was an interesting year to say the least for music. Trap rose up faster than many of us expected, EDM is now a huge part of mainstream music, and the festival scene rules the industry and the interwebz. My favorite things to come out of 2013 are the ever growing R&B sub-genres that have made the bedroom much more seductive than usual and the up and coming blend of Drum & Bass and Glitch-Hop, called Neuro-Hop that provides a funky kick to your usual bass music. This year has been filled with disappoints as well, the festival scene has led to much more repetitive productions leaving one to wonder if people actually pay attention to the music anymore. Dubstep seems to no longer be about the progression, but more about how many different bass sounds one can fit into the drop. Music is still and will always be a fan driven industry, and it’s evolution will always vary year by year.

As I have done in previous years, my top 10 consists of two lists. A top 10 of free music and a top 10 of purchased music. This post also marks my retirement and is the last one I will write. I have been a member of FNT for three years now. In that time I have learned a lot about music that I have had the privilege of teaching and passing on to others. I am sad to leave, but am excited for the new chapters of my life in the industry. I would like to thank FNT for the opportunities I have had and for the friends I have made because of it. More importantly I would like to thank  the artists who make the music I have fallen in love with and you, the fans that have continued to fuel my love of music. Let’s begin.


Dubstep, Preview | Teknian – Behemoth (DarkElixir Remix)

Posted by on February 23, 2013

Teknian - Behemoth (DarkElixir Remix)I never expected to hear a good remix of Teknian’s epic new tune “Behemoth.” DarkElixir collided worlds with Teknian’s original, leaving behind a wasteland ruled by heavy bass. Seeing as this is only one drop, one can not even coherently imagine what the other may sound like, but I have a feeling it’s just as mind blowing. Adding this one to the ‘must have’ list.


Dubstep, Glitch, House, Review | Teknian – Sonic EP

Posted by on January 7, 2013

We’re only a week into 2013 and already Teknian has delivered the first quality EP of the year. Having only announced the EP about a few weeks ago, and seeing a tracklist containing all tracks that fans of his have been dying for, I knew this EP was going to be sick to say the least. People in the music forums have been requesting the starter track, “1984,” for some time now. I had never found a clip of it to listen to so I didn’t understand what all the hype was about. Now that I have listened to it, I can see why everyone was dying for the release of this fun 80s style Glitch-Hop track. Next, “Behemoth,” which has to be my favorite on the EP, actually has a cool story. Back when Avicii’s “Fade Into Darkness” remix competition was going on, “Behemoth” was the instrumental to Teknian’s remix. After he realized how awesome his instrumentals were, he pulled the track out of the competition and delivered a heavy bass blow to our eardrums. “Sonic” is another track I have only heard stories about. It starts out like Drum & Bass, leaving you to think it might turn into Neuro-Funk. Like a B0:55, Teknian drops the bass leaving you speechless to this Dubstep fire. The last track on the EP was a complete surprise to all those anticipating its release. Teknian has been known to troll and produce outside his usual styles, but to have a house track like this one just hanging out amongst a sea of bass seemed ridiculous. “You Make Me So” is actually one of the funkiest Deep House tracks I have laid my ears upon and is a lot of fun to listen to. The “Sonic” EP is a great success, and in my opinion, Teknian did an incredible job.



Trap | Teknian – Real Xmas S**t

Posted by on December 6, 2012

First off, Teknian made this as a joke. For a troll this is surprisingly good and catchy. He stated that he would not make a longer version, but I’m sure if he gets enough plays on this he might reconsider. Christmas is only 19 days away, time to get in the spirit a little bit.


House | Teknian – Tek That

Posted by on September 19, 2012

Teknian (pronounced Tek-nine), has become a huge favorite of Sev and myself. He produces with almost unmatched skills, usually producing Glitch-Hop and dabbling in Deep Dubstep, but today I bring you his beast interpretation of Classic Tech-House. This brings me back to the days when EDM was nothing more than Techno to the community, and tracks though a lengthy 15-30 minutes would not exceed the nights rave to sunrise and on. A lot of people claim to be EDM fans these days, but it is not true to your soul if you don’t just want to rave all night to this until your sweat dehydrates you, causing you to pass out amongst a sea of lasers.