Hip-Hop | Is That Who I Think It Is?

Posted by on October 5, 2011


Events | FNT Presents TIESTO at Umass Amherst and URI [Plus Ticket Giveaway]

Posted by on August 20, 2011

With the summer winding down everyone should be lapsing into a state of depression, right? WRONG because if you are any where near UMass Amherst or the University of Rhode Island, the best is just ahead. On September 19th and 20th, respectively, FreshNewTracks will be bringing you one of the world biggest artists, DJ TIESTO. If you’ve been living in a hole for the last decade, it’s okay, we’ve got you covered too. The light show alone will be worth the meager ticket price of $23 to $28, trust me you’ve never seen anything like what will be offering.

To buy your UMASS Amherst tickets click – HERE
To buy your URI tickets click – HERE

TO WIN TICKETS, follow these steps.

1. Like the FreshNewTracks Facebook Fan Page (HERE)

2. Tag the FreshNewTracks page in a status update that says “I want to party with DJ TIESTO and FreshNewTracks.com at __________ (insert the event you’d like to attend) with _________ (tag the friend you want to go with you)

3. Wait until the lucky winners are announced next week!

[NOTE: There’s a rumor going around that this event is sold out. It IS NOT SOLD OUT, those were just the presale tickets which went within hours. Tickets are going fast so unless you want to get stuck buying a $100 ticket off StubHub I suggest you hop on this]

Hit the jump to see everyone camping out to get the presale tickets after the jump.

Electro, Hip-Hop | Wiz Khalifa ft. 2Pac – Roll Up (VOODOO FARM Remix)

Posted by on July 30, 2011

This track got the ultimate flip job sporting influences from electro, hip hop, mashup and a little dubstep. Who would have guessed Wiz and Tupac could sound so perfect on the same track? Don’t let the Voodoo Farm name tag scare you, this is undoubtedly worth a listen.

Follow Voodoo on Facebook and Soundcloud

Wiz Khalifa ft. 2Pac – Roll Up (VOODOO FARM Remix) by freshnewtracks


Electro | Five North – Cables

Posted by on July 30, 2011

No this isn’t another white rapper (read the category tag for the post “Electro), but I do need to preface this post with the following; these aren’t your average FNT song. Its caught in some grey area that I can’t pinpoint – perhaps you all can pitch in here and help with the description. I can tell you this much, after listening to all of the frat rap submissions this came as a refreshing change up. Even better, the artist allowed me to post his best track “Cables” for free even though he’s offering it on iTunes for a buck. If you’re feeling kind, purchase the track here.

For more songs off the Mixed Drink EP, hit up Five North’s facebook and website.

Five North – Cables by freshnewtracks

This one is a little more obscure give it a listen, I can dig it.
Five North – JackRabbit Slim’s by freshnewtracks

Hip-Hop | Ty X Gspence – I Told Ya’ll (Prod. by Gspence)

Posted by on May 25, 2011

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months (or haven’t had the pleasure of discovering FNT until recently), you know that the rapper/producer tag team of Ty and GSpence have been dropping some serious heat every other week. With that being said, this week is no different. GSpence gives us yet another clean original production which is brought to life with verses from both Ty and GSpence. Keep up with this duo on facebook.

DOWNLOAD: Ty X Gspence – I Told Ya’ll (Prod. by Gspence)

If you haven’t been keeping up with these guys, here’s what you’ve been missing:

DOWNLOAD: Gspence (Ty X Gspence) – When We Were Young (Prod By Gspence)

DOWNLOAD: Ty x Gspence – Another Day (We On)

DOWNLOAD: Ty X Gspence – Stage Lights (Prod. By Gspence)

Hip-Hop | Tyga Ft. Adele, Mac Miller, and Aziz | Hip-Hop

Posted by on March 28, 2011

Getting Adele on a track was probably one of the best decisions Tyga has ever made. Adele’s lines sound beautiful as usual and Tyga showed versatility by rapping like the pro he is on this chill track. Sad to say there is one tag in this song but it is right at the start only, amen.

DOWNLOAD: Tyga – Reminded Ft. Adele

Just when you thought you heard the last of new Mac Miller tracks for awhile, he dropped this. Mac tried something different on this track, he rapped a little faster at some parts. In my opinion it sounds a bit weird hearing it from him, but he pulls it off well.

DOWNLOAD: Mac Miller – Child Celebrity

This song has an extremely spacey feel to it, considering the name and all. Aziz in my mind is one of the better up and comings. This track though wasn’t meant for all his fans, but still a great track of his in my mind.

DOWNLOAD: Aziz – Bring A Dutch (prod. SKetcho)

Hip-Hop, Mixtapes | Travis Barker, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Lupe Fiasco & more | Hip-Hop

Posted by on February 21, 2011

Talk about an all-star line up. The features on this mixtape are pretty impressive, although a few songs are just Travis Barker remixes, and the Whoo Kid tags are annoying. Nonetheless if you’re into the badass drums, and like the tracks below, then you should pick up this mixtape.

DOWNLOAD: Lil Wayne, The Game, Rick Ross -Can a Drummer Get Some

If you can look past the DJ Whoo Kid tag at :53, this song is actually real good.

DOWNLOAD: Lupe Fiasco – Joaquin Phoenix

DOWNLOAD: Wiz Khalifa – Champagne

We posted this track back in December, but this is still one of my favorite songs off the mixtape.

DOWNLOAD: Big Sean – Big Nut Bust