Dubstep, Videos | Pegboard Nerds ft Elizaveta – Hero

Posted by on March 19, 2014


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Pegboard Nerds and Elizaveta provided the music for the latest viral video of Superman using a Go-Pro with their hit record “Hero,” making it onto YouTube and Reddit’s home page. If this is your first time hearing Pegboard Nerds, get with the program, these guys are going places. Having heard their set at Life in Color in Denver, Colorado just 2 weeks ago, I’m sold, their energy is unprecedented , and they make epic huge productions that just hit. This is a must listen by far!

Beatport: Pegboard Nerds ft Elizaveta – Hero

Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Glitch, House | Joe Ford – Culture EP

Posted by on December 9, 2013

Joe Ford - Culture EPJoe Ford is one of the hottest names in bass music right now and the majority of the population doesn’t even know it yet. After his last successful release this year, “The Mission” EP, it comes to no surprise that he has yet again dominated with his “Culture” EP. Joe Ford kicks off this fresh EP with the title track “Culture”. This song is a behemoth, it is like Joe Ford thought to himself “Build up? Nah, I’m going to rape my fans in the face with my opening track on this release”. The waves of bass on this drop are ridiculous, I feel like my ears are being beaten to death by the lightsaber mach 1. “Distilled” tones the EP down a little… just a little. The track brings in the ever growing neuro-hop styling, bouncing you through some great kicks with the addition of that lovely flavor of reese-bass. As a gamer, this is the kind of track I’d want to be blasting my through hordes of noobs with.

I can see “Immobilise” being the theme of a fast traveling Spaceship being chased by another which is firing upon it, weaving in and out of asteroids with the occasional collision. If Michael Bay’s taste in music was worth anyone’s time, he would consider “Immobilise” for a space-flight scene in the next “Transformers” movie. Now, imagine a universe where Lex Luther kills Superman, Cell obliterates the Saiyans, and the Avengers perish at the hands of Ultron. Unopposed, “Villain” would be the track played as these cocky evil doers decimated our planet. If villains actually won, this song would be perfect, but considering they never do, we will just have to sit back and bump out to this badass tune with our imaginations.

Last, but not least we see the return of Asa on yet another EP ender with Inspected. “Real Talk” isn’t the kind of track we have been seeing throughout Joe Ford’s EP, it is the end of the story we have been listening to. “Culture” started us with the intense game changer that set the premise, “Distilled” the attempted fight through the initial bass threat, “Immobilise” the fight to the death, and “Villain” the defeat and utter destruction of what is left. Last, is the calm after the storm, with those left alive wondering what else is to come, the “Real Talk”. This is one of the best works I have heard all year, Joe Ford just set the bar.

Joe Ford

Beatport: Joe Ford – Culture EP

Events | Electric Adventure expands to two days, August 3rd & 4th

Posted by on April 24, 2013

Electric AdventureAfter a resounding success last year, one of the more unique festivals on the Eastern seaboard, Electric Adventure, returns for its second edition at Six Flags in Jackson, New Jersey, this time expanding to two days to give revelers more time for the edm / roller coaster action they crave. The match made in heaven of roller coasters and a great lineup, then toss in the obvious mix of drugs and alcohol and you have yourself one of the sleeper US festivals this summer. Since it is two days, I would recommend getting a fast pass to cut the lines because time is money my friends and you don’t want to be that guy standing in line for Superman or Bizarro, while your favorite DJ is shredding and then hearing about it up until Electric Zoo. Get your tickets now before they sell out and the lineup will be announced soon.



Dubstep | Mojo — Superman EP

Posted by on August 13, 2012

Just released today on Buygore Records, was Mojo’s latest EP titled “Superman EP”. After Mojo’s last hit track Carnival I haven’t heard any distinctive tracks that have been worth while from him, until recently. This EP consists of four tracks each of which are unique in style compared to any tracks we have seen released lately.

Starting off with Superman, this track contains some smooth melodies alongside some distorted, overdriven sounds blended into a great progression. This is one of those tracks where the drop just streams straight through the track instead of blowing your ear drums into pieces. It serves as more of an emotional and easy going listen. In Warmin Up and Trigger Finger Mojo brings out the grimy, vigorous sounds that I could see FuntCase playing out at this shows, which means these tracks are no joke. They are the crowd pleasing tracks on the EP that keep the suspense in the intro and then crush the crowds in the drop. The last track on the EP is The Future, which is a mid-tempo styled track that reminds me of a beefed up version of what we see Culprate and Koan Sound making. Grab the EP on Beatport HERE.

Exclusive, Featured, Interviews, Progressive House, Trance | Mat Zo Interview + Exclusive Superman Download

Posted by on May 31, 2012

When you see a new Mat Zo track, you really have no idea what blissful sounds are going to be cascading into your ears the moment you hit play. You know it will be a superb production from beginning to end and a feeling of joy will linger long after the last note has dissipated into the space around you. He could send you into a primal frenzy with tracks such as “Mozart”, “Rebound” or “It’s Yours” or sooth your soul into a trance with “The Lost”, “Near The End” or my favorite mashup ever “Satellite Dynamics” using the Arty’s remix of his “Synapse Dynamics” and Ocean Lab “Satellite”. Then there are those you cannot really pin down Like “Bipolar”, “Frequency Flyer”, “Superman” (which we have an exclusive free download for you guys) or Tate & Diamond Feat Nicolai (Electrified (Mat Zo Electrofied Dub).

Mat Zo is a known quantity in EDM having been releasing tracks since the young age of 16 and at 17 was tabbed by Tiesto to remix “Driving To Heaven” on the 7th edition of his peerless compilation album “In Search of Sunrise”. Since then, Mat Zo has been steadily growing in fame and as a producer, with releases on Markus Schulz’s Coldharbor Recordings, AVA Records, and most importantly, Anjunabeats. He also has a drum n’ bass moniker MRSA that was quite active on Hospital Records from 2008-2010, but has since gone into a sort of hibernation. This shows the eclectic nature of Mat Zo and how easily he can make any sort of music. I do not want to bore you before the interview so make sure to catch him on the “Language Tour” with Porter Robinson & The M Machine this summer coming to a city near you. Also his latest single “The Sky” has been widely supported and is a great track, so be sure to get that and like him on Facebook and follow him on twitter. Last but VERY much not least we have an exclusive download of his hit single “Superman”, so do not hesitate to download it if you do not already have it.

DOWNLOAD: Mat Zo – Superman

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1. FNT: “This whole genres business is like the Berlin wall, and I’m there with a forklift and a wrecking ball” Mat Zo, September 2011. What is your creative process ie do you start with melodies first and work from there and how do you build your sound in each song. How do you decide what to put in your sets because they include music from a variety of genres?

Mat Zo: I always start with the main idea/theme then build around that. When I choose music to play out all I’m really looking for is something that will move a crowd. Genres don’t really play a role in that.

2. FNT: You started as a guitar player at 8 years old and your mom was a professional violinist. How did this influence you to move towards music and how did you shift towards dance music?

Mat Zo: I started liking dance music at an early age so it grew with me as much as coming from a musical family did.

3. FNT: Your half sister Alma Zohar is a successful singer. Who gets more praise from your parents when you guys are all together and who would you say is more talented?

Mat Zo: Haha! She is definitely a better lyricist.