Electro-House | Maddix – Touching the Sky

Posted by on August 17, 2013

Maddix - Touching the Sky

Usually when I sift through my inbox, it is generic press emails, decent to pretty bad music or a ridiculous email from The Chainsmokers (heart hands), and after a while I just get audio fatigue trying to manage it. However, when I come across something like this, like when I first heard Vicetone, or Stephen Swartz or Moiez, I knew I there was real talent. Dutchman Pablo Rindt or Maddix has been in the producing game now for a few years, mainly doing DJ-ready bootlegs and the occasional remix, but to be honest nothing that noteworthy, until now.

However, coming from that country where electronic music talent is as common as their cloudy days (hence why they flee to the French Riveria in the summer), it is not surprising that he would be able to hone his craft over the past year, culminating in this outstanding original. The track borders along the lines of melodic and electro, blending them together at once, with high-octane breaks and soothing interludes. What makes this even better is that it is free and there is more coming from Maddix. The free download includes the more DJ-friendly original mix. Do yourself the favor and grab it now.

Free Download: Maddix – Touching the Sky

Dubstep | Krewella – Alive (Stephen Swartz Remix)

Posted by on December 10, 2012

It is incredibly rare that someone from their very first production sets a bar so high that it is almost impossible to reach with future tracks, but Stephen Swartz did just that with “Bullet Train“. In what has become a very remixable track, the Miami native takes “Alive” and adds his dubstep balladesque style to it, using a down tempo bass line, crunchy synths and stirring strings carrying a complex and well layered melody that shows yet again the production prowess of Stephen Swartz in what is just his third track. He is keeping up with the oft-forgotten spirit of quality over quantity, making sure every production is as good as it can be and is a name you have to keep an eye on as 2013 rolls around.

Free Download: Krewella – Alive (Stephen Swartz Remix)

Dubstep | Stephen Swartz Ft. Chloe Angelides – Survivor

Posted by on August 24, 2012

It is rare to see someone make such a big splash with their first ever release, making the rounds throughout just about the entirety of the blogosphere and even getting gigs after just ONE song, but Stephen Swartz did just that with “Bullet Train“. Now he entertains us with his sophomore effort, “Survivor”, showing that he is no one trick pony. “Survivor” combines the hard electro stabs we heard in “Bullet Train” with superb female vocals, smooth strings, slow dub, and a deftly crafted melody. The refined nature of the track gives us the impression that this could not be his second track, lending to the fact that there is a bright future for the University of Miami product.


Dubstep | Stephen Swartz – Bullet Train (feat. Joni Fatora)

Posted by on June 30, 2012

I rarely post dubstep, but when I do, it is going be great and most of all melodic. Starting with a build of sweeps similar to Bassnectar’s “Magical World”, light guitar chords and Joni Fatora’s gracious vocals, the song then moves into a break of grungy synths to give you your bass, hard snare, and melodic violins to help carry the melody. This one was crucial to get me through the work week and I think will be great for you as well. This is Stephen Swartz’s first release so I cannot wait to see what comes next from the young U of Miami student. Download for free below, or get it on iTunes.