Progressive House | Spektrem – Enter The Spektrem

Posted by on March 6, 2013


Maryland duo, Spektrem put their name on our radar last year with releases like “In a Dream”, “Sugar” and “Dirtybuzz“. Right from the beginning they showed the ability to stand out with very crisp productions and outstanding melodies. They have played already played gigs with the likes of Krewella and Savoy and played at Dayglow (who the hell calls it Life In Color?) and are only getting ready for bigger things this year including the Project Miami show on the 15th during WMC.

The opener “Loretta” is a high energy track that gets to it right from the get go with a teasing big room build and a punchy, driving bass line and low end. “Shine” was previewed a few weeks back and it is the uplifting, big room track you come to expect from them like “Sugar” and “In A Dream” with an outstanding melody and subtle, growling riffs. It has been over a year since the original release of “In A Dream”, so they decided to re-mix the original and make it more professional sounding, showing their technical progress as a group. They are big fans of the “We’re Coming Back” vocal so they decided to make the track their own using big room synths with a small smattering of stutters and an interesting interlude with an alternating bass line. Grab the 4 track EP for free below for a simple Facebook like, you won’t regret the decision.

Free Download: Spektrem – Enter The Spektrem

Dubstep | Spektrem – Dirtybuzz

Posted by on October 10, 2012

It is time these three Maryland guys got the respect they deserved. They have been putting out quality productions since the very beginning, going back to their first alias, “Basement Bros” and with their recent production “Sugar“, under the new guise Spektrem, the trend has not stopped. This time they ditch the uplifting melodies and go for a heavier, high energy track taking a nuanced approach to dubstep, tastefully adding pitching and laser synths over a well oiled melody. The production is incredibly clean and even more impressive is that they do their own vocals.

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