Dubstep | Au5 – Crystal Mathematics / The Reason II

Posted by on March 24, 2013



You can always count on Viper Recordings to come through with a massive release. After just releasing Koven’s outstanding EP they come through with yet another fresh signing and EP from Au5. Au5 was the winner of the Seven Lion’s remix competition so you know he has some talent in the the trancy/dubstep department, if Seven Lion’s thought so. His title track that was featured on UKF’s channel is next level on the trance-dubstep fusion and of course the amazing Shaz Sparks is providing the vocals. The drop on this track has some craziness going on compared to what we normally hear on this style of track, which helps it stand out compared to the others. His next track The Reason II is along the same lines as far as style, but with a little heavier added touch to it. This is a stellar release overall, and also a great way to kick off the week.

Beatport: Au5 – Crystal Mathematics / The Reason II