Pop, Videos | Chris Rene – Young Homie [Music Video]

Posted by on March 21, 2012

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The heartfelt journey of Chris Rene was what initially drew a lot of people’s attention.  That, coupled with his unique and flavorful sound.  It’s no question he magnetized the hearts of millions through his progression on the X-Factor and although it may seem like he has put an unbearing amount of emphasis on this single, it really does tell a lot about Chris as an artist and a person.  For anyone who has followed my posts on the Santa Cruz kid, knows I’ve been sold on him for months.  It will be interesting to see what angle he takes with his next single, whether it will be a more acoustic based song, a highly infused hip-hop/pop track, or something completely different.

Sound off in the comments section if you’re feeling this tune and Chris Rene in general, or conversely if you think he’s no more than a one hit wonder.

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Hip-Hop, Pop, RnB | Chris Rene [X Factor]

Posted by on December 8, 2011

For anyone who has been diligently watching one of America’s hottest new shows, The X Factor, probably knows what Chris Rene is bringing to the table.  A 28-year old recovering addict making a run at a $5 million recording contract has been impressing me since day one and I feel it’s only fair I share his story with my FNT family.  Channeling his past struggles and adversity into his own original music, Chris combines pop/RnB and hip-hop into something of his own.  If I had to compare him to one recognizable artist, I’d have to say Mike Posner, only judging on the style.  I think the possibilities are endless for Rene and even if he doesn’t win the X Factor competition, he’s going to be signed by someone and certainly still make major hits.  I did some digging and found a couple tracks from the ‘garbage picking-hip-hop singing-Santa Cruz phenomenon’ along with several rips from his performances that may also tickle your fancy.  If you’ve been following you know how inspirational of a story this is becoming and I only hope Chris Rene applies his talents in the right places.  Do Work Son.

Original Recordings

DOWNLOAD: Chris Rene – Young Homie                 MUST DOWNLOAD!!!

DOWNLOAD: Chris Rene – Forever

DOWNLOAD: Chris Rene – The Same Blood

DOWNLOAD: Sincere & Nima Fadavi ft. Chris Rene – The Calm Before the Storm


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