Drum & Bass | Billain – Blockfield/Boogie

Posted by on March 25, 2013

Billain - Blockfield/Boogie

Sick two track Neurofunk release from Billain after his awesome remix for Reso. Neurofunk for those that didn’t know, is a sub-genre of Drum & Bass, known for having more stabs over the bassline and sharper backbeats. Leaving you with a fast paced and much more bass infused listen than the usual Drum & Bass. Billain has mastered this very difficult and detailed style of production. “Blockfield” starts out with coastal sounds (water trickles, seagulls, etc), then moves onto a few erie synths that take you into an energy filled drop. “Boogie” has to be my favorite of the two tracks though. It has that Russian warehouse feel, but once it drops my ears felt like they had just been thrown through time and are currently raving in the future with Samurai Jack. Billain did a great job on this two track set and as a bonus I have provided a preview of another one of his upcoming releases for April.


Purchase Vinyl/Digital: Billain – Blockfield/Boogie



Posted by on March 5, 2013

D?TZKY - I LIKE CEREALI was really excited to see that Detzky gave this track away. The bass-line is sweet, but what really gets me is all the Cartoon Network samples he used. The second drop involves a long sample of “Him,” the uber villain from the Powerpuff Girls, and has a more abstract take on the first drop. All around, this is a really fun track to listen to. Brings me back to the days of “Dexter’s Lab,” “Samurai Jack,” and all those other Cartoon Network greats we were addicted to as kids.


Free Download: Detzky – I Like Cereal