Hip-Hop | Kenton Dunson – Firestarter ft. Ryan Kellie (Music Video)

Posted by on September 22, 2011

Kenton Dunson just released his music video for “Firestarter”, one of my favorite songs off his Creative Destruction 2 album (available for free here) and I couldn’t imagine a better video for it. The video was directed by William J Bastian II who really did an incredible job with it. Better yet, in the next couple months there will be a short film titled Firestarter based on Kenton’s music. The music video contains scenes from the short film, so consider it a kind of preview of what’s to come!

Download: Kenton Dunson – Firestarter ft. Ryan Kellie

Hip-Hop | Kenton Dunson – Firestarter (Behind The Scenes)

Posted by on August 26, 2011

Fresh off his trip to L.A. for the video shoot for “Firestarter,” Kenton Dunson put together a nice little video detailing his trip as well as giving us a sneak peak of his upcoming music video and short film based on his song “Firestarter.” The music video for “Firestarter” should be released in the next couple weeks with the short film debuting shortly after.

The background music to the video is his latest release “Top of the World,” which contains a smooth Passion Pit sample and has been blazing a trail on the internet lately. You can download “Top of the World” for free here. If you have yet to check out “Firestarter” you can listen and download the song below. The song will be the first visual off his critically acclaimed Creative Destruction 2 album available for free here.

Download: Kenton Dunson – Firestarter ft. Ryan Kellie

Hip-Hop | Kenton Dunson – Firestarter Feat. Ryan Kellie

Posted by on June 8, 2011

After giving you a taste of Kenton late last month, we are proud to drop his second single “Firestarter.” This tracks features awesome lyricism and some of the best production I have heard from an upcoming artist…plus this hook is butter. According to Kenton:

I was always intrigued by the term “Firestarter”… ever since I heard that Prodigy record in the 90’s. The term actually meant something to me after I dated a serial heart breaker. She was blazing a mean trail! Eventually she must have realized her faults because she later apologized saying she didn’t mean any harm but honestly, when does that ever help? I’m actually good friends with her today so my goal is not to put that individual on blast but as you progress as a songwriter, you absolutely must allow yourself to express true emotion whether the subject is sensitive or not. I wrote this song very quick starting at the piano and sang the hook in falsetto…enter Ryan Kellie! She’s an amazing singer/songwriter who spent a lot of time on the Nashville music scene. I wrote piano parts to a few of her songs in progress so we have a natural working relationship that turned out perfectly on this track!

DOWNLOAD: Kenton Dunson – Firestarter Feat. Ryan Kellie