RnB | R Kelly – Italian Hero Sandwich (ANGO Remix)

Posted by on November 22, 2013


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Did my search for the day for new music, and fell on this remix by Ango of R Kelly’s “Italian Sandwich.” Ango is a producer from Canada who is currently signed to LuckyMe Records. You might not have ever heard of R Kelly’ smash hit “Italian Sandwich” and there’s a reason for that. Last week the Pied Piper made up 4 songs on the spot at the Rolling Stones office about randomly chosen topics. The Canadian producer took it upon himself to remix all 4 of the records which you can check out on his SoundCloud, and honestly it’s not bad at all. I love what he did to this one in particular, the synths make the joke record sound epic, and credible, on some progressive R&B. Peep the track out, you’ll hear what I’m talking about.

Dubstep, Hip-Hop | DOSVEC – We Still In This Bitch

Posted by on May 29, 2013

Still In This

DOSVEC once again makes B.O.B. original track sound Much Much Better! He has done it with Beast Break and Mind Lies and now with “We Still In This Bitch” This song should become a staple at every RAGER and will surely makes waves for a long time to come.