Hip-Hop, Trap | Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us ft. Ray Dalton (Major Lazer Remix)

Posted by on May 24, 2013



It’s Friday.  It’s Memorial Day weekend (thank you troops).  Don’t let overcast skys kill your vibe.  Major Lazer x Mack & Ryan x Ray Dalton.  Boom.

Albums, Hip-Hop | Sol – Yours Truly [Album Review]

Posted by on February 2, 2012

Feast your ears on Seattle’s newest hip-hop prodigy (well, new to my ears at least).  What name comes to mind when you hear “Seattle Hip-Hop”?  For an east coast native like myself, Macklemore was the easy answer.  After opening my ears and mind to the 23 year old Sol (pronounced “Sawl”), I’ve learned Macklemore & the rest of the Seattle hip-hop scene is in very strong company.

Recently releasing a trio of EP’s titled “Dear Friends”, Sol dropped his first highly anticipated LP, Yours Truly, on January 20th.  Quickly escalating up the iTunes charts, the indie album claimed the number one spot on the hip-hop charts and number four on the worldwide leader board.  Although this was not the first time I had heard of Sol, it was the first time I really gave him a chance. His confident, yet reserved demeanor corresponds with his musical message and the music runs deeper than the recognition it may receive.

Yours Truly is an artistic representation reflecting Sol’s life, beliefs, experiences, and trials & tribulations of making it in the music industry. Listen through in full and you may find yourself painting scenes of to a movie (popcorn rap sold separately).  Authentic bars, organic stories, and versatility, track after track.  In addition, the project is presented as an album should be presented.  Each song transitions into the next retaining a level of fluidity, there is balance, and a variety of sounds.  Each song is a part of the bigger picture.  The first time I listened, I found my ears increasingly fixating the deeper into the project I traveled.  It’s one of those albums that is always better when you listen in full from beginning to end. Below is my personal reflection of each individual song (yes, I understand your thoughts and opinions may differ) along with a lyric or two that represent the song best.