Hip-Hop, Videos | Dylan Owen — My Name Is Dylan [Freestyle]

Posted by on November 13, 2013

Over the past few years of closely following the trajectories of upstart artists (rappers in particular), one of the most important characteristics of the more enduring artists I’ve found is their versatility. Dylan Owen has rightfully received a tremendous amount of praise since 2011’s Keep Your Friends Close, all synonymous with his innate ability to gratify a variety of listeners with equal ease: honesty-craving singer-songwriter fans, lyrically-focused hip-hop heads, punchline-loving partygoers. While his most recent release, “The Window Seat”, is what he’s best known for—the maturity of perspective, the resonance of his songwriting, the lasting substance—here he concocts a quick reminder that he, too, can playfully rap with the best of them. Reminiscent of the verse he premiered prior to our interview together a year ago, this track is punchline-heavy, and shows off his wittiness and love to play with language. A must listen, regardless of your preconceived genre-affiliations.

Hip-Hop, Rap | Lucas G – EavesDrop Instrumental

Posted by on October 5, 2013

Lucas G is a producer based out of Chicago that’s been throwing down some super dope instrumentals lately. EavesDrop is one of my favorites but most of his music is perfect for all you aspiring rappers out there. A great example of what artists can do with his productions is Valentino’s ‘Blues’, produced by Lucas G. With a perfect blend of hi-hats, bass, and incorporation of the sample, there’s no way your ears won’t fall for this instrumental.

FYI, Hip-Hop | When Will We Be Ready to Listen?

Posted by on September 29, 2013

hip-hop-hip-hop-rap-music-lincoln-political-poster-1262657172 July 1, 1982, the conversation began. This was almost a decade after Kool Herc first put his hand to vinyl on Prospect Ave., addressing the crowd over the beat—a mix of popular record samples. A new record was on its way to radio, slated for a hip-hop audience, though it was a drastic change to its proven formula. Hip-hop, at the time, was party feeder, and steadily gaining national attention as a result: just a year earlier The Funky 4 Plus One had performed their hit “That’s the Joint” on SNL (the first instance of the genre on television), and Africa Bambaataa’s techno-heavy “Planet Rock” was becoming ubiquitous on the radio circuit, having fully embraced the relationship between hip-hop and dance music.



Hip-Hop | Luke Christopher – The Alphabet

Posted by on September 24, 2013


This is dope hip hop, I feel like I’m listening to a bonus track off Kanye West’s College Dropout. “The Alphabet” by Luke Christopher is straight fire! Just when most rappers are trying too hard to sound different, and weird, Luke’s keeping it fun and universal. I’m really feeling this beat, Mr Christopher’s flow, and that hook backed with a children’s choir. Download this track for free and I look forward to his project The Wonder Years PT. 1 dropping soon! Must listen and must download!

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Free Download: Luke Christoper – The Alphabet

Albums, Hip-Hop | Connor Evans – The Road To Coachella [Free Album]

Posted by on July 25, 2013

If you haven’t realized, it’s 2013 and white rappers are in.  Connor Evans has that hybrid rapper/singer west coast sound.  Rooted in Redlands, Cali, he can’t help but have some of that ganja influence in his rhymes, but don’t mistake him for a “weed” rapper.  He raps with intellect, clarity, & confidence.  “The Road to Coachella” is, well, Connor’s first steps on his journey to the big stage; The Road to Coachella.  Not masked by any major features, this album is that sound hip-hop fans are fixed on.  15 tracks in, I can confidently say this young G may be seeing himself on the Coachella lineup sooner than he thinks.  Listen through, but if you have the patience of a pigeon, start off with “Hipsters & Primadonnas” and “Ridin’ on a Storm”.

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FREE DOWNLOAD: Connor Evans – The Road To Coachella [Album]


Hip-Hop, Rap | Rockwell Knuckles – In For The Kill

Posted by on July 23, 2013


Glad I checked up on Rockwell Knuckles today, I’ve been meaning to share his music with you guys. I believe it’s been since ’09 that Rockwell has been featured on FNT with his dope track “Government Name,” and today we change that. The St Louis MC Rockwell Knuckles dropped a new track/video for his record “In For The Kill,” teaming up with Converse A/V to put this production together. Personally, it’s not my favorite track by the man, it’s not as upbeat as his regular work, though he still remains one of my favorite rappers, and I’m always excited to hear new records from him. Enjoy!

Throwback from Rockwell, but a must listen nonetheless, probably one of his freshest tracks.

Bandcamp: Rockwell Knuckles – Every Angle

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Hip-Hop, Rap | ProbCause (ft. Chance the Rapper) – LSD [Video]

Posted by on July 18, 2013

One word: trippy. If you are familiar with ProbCause and/or Chance the Rapper, you’re likely to know that they dabble in the psychedelic drugs. Their newest musical offering is quite appropriately titled “LSD” and the recently released video will have you tripping nearly as much as the drug itself.

The two Chicago emcees take you through their trip, on a journey that is perhaps almost as unimaginable as their rise to stardom. Both rappers have made outstanding progress in their careers -ProbCause having dropped his mixtape and Chance getting the nod of approval from Ed Sheeran– just to name a few.

Sit back and let the music and visual take you away.