Progressive House | Walden – First Day

Posted by on September 11, 2013

Walden - First DayThe young Aussie has not given us an original in quite some time, taking to the remix front heavily this year, most recently making his debut on Armada, remixing Paul van Dyk & Christian Burns’ “We Are Tonight”. With “First Day”, Walden captures the excitement of a first day or a first encounter, he brings together his brights synths and playful melodies for another quality original. You can also find an electro-styled remix from fellow Aussies, Ivan Gough and Jebu. You can catch Walden on tour this fall, starting tomorrow with Morgan Page and Project 46 on the Morgan Page Presents tour across North America.

Beatport: Walden – First Day

Progressive House | Project 46 ft. Matthew Steeper – No One (Marcus Santoro Bootleg)

Posted by on September 2, 2013



Just in time for the release of his second single on Neon Records, Marcus Santoro is back with another great bootleg that he is giving away for free. His previous bootleg of their early hit “Feel The Fire” was the first work I heard of his so it was of no surprise when I saw he remixed another track of theirs. In his typical fashion, he kept a portion of the original intact by retaining some of the original chords, but also added his own touch of large sounds and a nice bass during the drop to make it uniquely his.

Here’s a preview of his new single released today in collaboration with Apocalypto. Not really my thing, but maybe you’ll find a liking to it.

Beatport: Apocalypto & Marcus Santoro – On Fire

Progressive House | Project 46 vs Linkin Park (Shadow of the Day Mix)

Posted by on July 17, 2013


In terms of progressive house producers, Project 46 is among Canada’s finest. Not only are their productions consistently amazing, but they are also adamant on giving their tracks away for free. Something extremely commendable for artists in their position. They are back with a new track and it is absolute magic. They’ve amalgamated an incredibly cheery original with Linkin Park’s “Shadow of the Day”. Another quality track from the duo.

 Free Download: Project 46 vs Linkin Park (Shadow of the Day Mix)


Albums, Progressive House | Project 46 – Continuum EP

Posted by on May 29, 2013


It brings me great pleasure that perhaps my favorite house duo Project 46 are, not only fellow Canadians, but also huge hockey and also Vancouver Canucks fans (well, one of them is). The always good looking duo (I don’t know what they look like) have just released an EP for free on Monstercat. When one hears that an EP is free they usually associate the free aspect with low quality; the leftovers that aren’t good enough to go on Beatport for $2.49. This EP, however, is not that. Each of the three tracks included are great. The two instrumentals show some diversity with “Catalyst” being more of a high energy, big room track and “Ekho” going for the cheery, uplifting vibe. Also included is “Waiting”, a vocal house track made in collaboration with Soundwell, a seemingly unknown producer from the Netherlands. Overall, this is an impressive EP made even better by the fact that it’s free.

Free Download: Project 46 – Continuum EP 

Progressive House | Project 46 – No One (feat. Matthew Steeper)

Posted by on March 6, 2013


I don’t need to describe the track to you, it’s by Project 46. That automatically makes it progressive gold.

Beatport: Project 46 (feat. Matthew Steeper) – No One

Events, Featured | Project Miami, Featuring: Project 46, Spencer & Hill, Lazerdisk Party Sex, Nexus, Chris Hurst, Bailey Smalls, and More

Posted by on March 4, 2013

Project Miami


Live 2 You From, Hi Rise Group, and Scratch present Project Miami. Project Miami is set to take place at Mamushka in downtown Miami on Friday, March 15th. The event features artists such as Project 46Spencer and HillMakjCold BlankLazerdisk Party SexNexusSharkoffsChris HurstBailey Smalls, and many others! In true Miami fashion, this event will start at 9pm and end in the morning around 7am. Can’t buy a ticket? No worries, just stay tuned because we will have a ticket giveaway before the event.


Exclusive, Progressive House | Marcus Santoro – Emporium [FNT Premier]

Posted by on February 28, 2013



The day I came across 17 year old Marcus Santoro was a special one. I remember it dearly. It was the last day of fall semester before finals. I was sitting at a table, waiting for my friends, when a girl from class came up to me with a twinkle in her eye, a smile on her face, and asked me something. “Do you wanna study together? I live on campus so we can go there if you want. It’ll be fun!” she said. “No, not really” I replied. She then scurried away, seemingly angry for some reason. It was at that moment I realized that I had made a huge mistake. I forgot to bring a lunch. After buying some food I went back to the table, popped open my laptop, and started browsing Soundcloud. That’s when I found his awesome bootlegs of Project 46’s “Feel The Fire” and Chris Reece’s “Life Is Amazing”. He didn’t completely change the songs, but the things he did change were quite good. His drops were some of the best I had heard in a while. I was also surprised at how clean his mixes were for such a young and seemingly inexperienced producer.

He’s had this track locked away for some time now and has allowed me to give its debut. “Emporium” is the quintessential big room track. Displaying mellow breaks, energetic builds, and powerful drops. Having recently been signed to the prestigous Neon Records, the future is looking bright for this young Australian.

Free Download: Marcus Santoro – Emporium