Nu Disco | “Get On The Floor” And Dance To Naxsy’s New Funky Original

Posted by on July 1, 2015

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A good disco guitar line is all you need to get your day started. Today’s slice of funky goodness comes from Naxsy and his brand new original “Get On The Floor.” This is no sing-a-long for those looking to sing in the shower, but this is tune for those that like to dance while simultaneously getting ready to seize the day. To get a spring in your step today, check out Naxsy’s all new “Get On The Floor” and it’s also out now on iTunes.

Deep House | Alina Baraz & Galimatias – Make You Feel (Masq Remix)

Posted by on December 5, 2013

Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Make You Feel (Masq Remix)Versatility is important to me when I think of an artist. Sure they are great in one style, but is it so wrong to want to experience more from them? Lately I have been introducing Masq as an up and coming Neuro-Hop producer, but that is not all that he can do. He just dropped this wonderful Nu-Disco remix of Alina Baraz & Galimatias “Make You Feel”. One can not help but get lost into the deep vibes on this remix.


Free Download: Alina Baraz & Galimatias – Make You Feel (Masq Remix)

Bass, Techno | moodblanc – Vous

Posted by on November 10, 2013

vous moodblanc

Tonight, Fresh New Tracks is providing you with something a little different than our usual musical offerings in an attempt to set your week off on the right foot. moodblanc is a Swedish, nu-disco duo with a sum-total of two songs in their SoundCloud catalog. Despite their non-expansive body of work, the two released songs are a treat for any pair of ears.

Be enchanted all the way to a terrace on the Hôtel de Paris, as “Vous” takes you on a continued journey through music…Each song that the group has released is a chapter in what appears to be a trilogy of work. “Vous” leaves the speaker/lover within the song in a vulnerable position, admitting that “it’s hard, impossible even, to be happy alone.”

Hopefully, the wait for Chapter Three won’t be too long, but in the meantime enjoy the soothing Daft-Punk-esk vocals and entrancing bassline.


Electronic | Drop Out Orchestra – Love Will Tear Us Apart (Remix) feat. a Swedish Introduction

Posted by on October 28, 2013

My time in Sweden has not only presented me with an abundance of new music, but also quite a handful of musically inclined individuals! Today I introduce to you our newest guest writer, the Swedish vixen that is Rebecca. Check out her very first contribution below, and expect to see more in the future! 

As born and raised in one of the most EDM productive countries in Europe (split with the fabulous Dutchmen), my passion for electronic music developed with the Big Swedes’ earliest breakthroughs. Avicii’s “Penguins,” then with added vocals and sadly renamed and made famous as “Fade Into Darkness,” (I mean, keep it cute and original and let the birdlike mammal have its place in the industry) was my first encounter with electronic music, and with that the start of the radical transformation from the teenage rocker I was, to the grown-up raver I became. I was 16 when it started, now I’m 20, and with the obsession like an Asperger’s kid, I have no plans on stopping. I’m still listening to and keeping up with the development of everything from trance to dirty Dutch, progressive house to hardstyle, but my heart has landed in the emotional, dreamy fields of the “original” house and deep house, and the land of the mind-blowing drops of the electro house. As I’m admiring the work of my wonderful friend, party-shaker-in-crime and talented music knower Mimada, I jumped for joy when she offered a spot as a guest blogger. I feel it to be my mission to give you the input of the Swedish EDM scene beyond Swedish House Mafia and the songs your radio station killed the day they were released. I’m giving you the new and the upcoming, from a Swedes state of mind.

On to the track! Being not 17, not in sweatshirts and flipped caps, the gentlemen of the southern-based Swedish nu disco/deep house duo Drop Out Orchestra bring “maturity”  back to the DJ scene. Having a couple a years behind them may be the best of qualities when it comes to making 70’s disco influential house, as they were actually there when it happened for real. After “Be Free With Your Love” scored the billboard dance chart this year, and their remix of ”Get Lucky” was recognized during an interview with Daft Punk during the one and only Pete Tong’s BBC 1 show, the duo takes on Joy Division and manages to retouch the, sorry for stepping on some people’s toes here, old and gray melody like a facial works its magic on a post-festival face. Eric Prydz, the master of putting the magic back into songs the last decades forgotten (read: repressed), should approve with this Drop Out Orchestra rework.


FREE DOWNLOAD: Drop Out Orchestra – “Love Will Tear Us Apart” (Remix)

House, Mix | Klingande – Jubel & Musique Chic Mixtape

Posted by on September 16, 2013

It’s a very rare thing to experience an artist live for the first time and immediately and unexpectedly fall in love with them right then and there. When I got the chance to see the French duo Klingande, I went in with an open mind and ended up being totally mesmerized during the entire hour and a half long set. How these guys have gone under my radar for so long, I’m not sure, so I’m thrilled to be sharing them now. Their live set was by far one of the most energetic I’ve seen yet this year. Imagine: Big Gigantic meets Disclosure, with a twist of that upbeat nu-disco from the likes of Dimitri From Paris. It was the perfect medley of funky jams, house, and indie electronic, which sounds like a crazy combination of everything but I promise, these guys make it work. And you better believe there was a live sax player rockin’ out up there, too.

Their first track I’m sharing, titled “Jubel,” seems to be one of their most popular tracks around these parts. It’s a got a great, vivacious melody, delicate vocals and a super groovy appearance by the sax.

This second one is a summer mixtape they produced for the French music blog, Musique Chic, which gives a much better feel for what their live set was like. I’ve had this one of repeat for days now and would encourage you to take advantage of this free download as well.

Looks like these Frenchmen have yet to make their way to the states, so for now, keep posted on their social media for upcoming releases. Fantastique ^_^




Drum & Bass, Electro-House, House | Madeon – The City EP

Posted by on October 9, 2012

Madeon’s The City EP dropped yesterday, bringing us original and extended mixes of the titular track, a live version of “Icarus,” and some very fresh DnB remixes to boot. If you never once thought that Madeon’s distinctive brand of nu-disco would lend itself well to drum n’ bass — well, you’re not alone. I approached these remixes (specifically, Netsky’s remix of “Finale” and Fred V & Grafix’s remix of “Icarus”) with a fair degree of skepticism and found myself utterly blown away. Netsky achieves the impossible (in my humble opinion) and actually improves upon “Finale,” finding a way to milk even more drama out a track that’s already chock full of adrenaline. I always found the original unsatisfyingly brief, so I really appreciate the way Netsky draws out each build and adds new color by way of some wonderfully different chord progressions. Exeter duo Fred V & Grafix likewise breathe new life into an old favorite; they dexterously manipulate the tempo of the now-familiar “Icarus” and layer in fast, choppy breakbeats, which (perhaps surprisingly) have the effect of magnifying the punchy, bright synths we all know and love. In all, this is a tight and very savvy release from our favorite little Frenchman who continues to prove that he’s got this game on lock.

Beatport: Madeon – The City EP

Electro | Silver Medallion – Live Forever

Posted by on June 27, 2011

We have been following Silver Medallion for a minute now have been extremely impressed by their work. We were lucky to score an exclusive drop of their lastest single “Live Forever.” This track couples a really dope electro-influenced beat with catchy raspy vocals to create a Nu-Disco heater.

As an added bonus, the first 10 people to share the link to this post on their facebook status and email a screen shot (on a mac shift+apple 3) to [email protected] will get a Silver Medallion sticker mailed to them, and one person out of the 10 will also get a mixtape made with custom artwork designed by Oren of Silver Medallion. Make sure to follow Silver Medallion on Twitter.

Silver Medallion – Live Forever