Hip-Hop, Rap | No Trace – The Wakeup Call (Mixtape)

Posted by on June 26, 2013


Be weary folks, I am in fact posting a mixtape by two 16 year old rappers. I know that’s an immediate turn off for most of you, and I respect that, but if you can, lend your ears to the two youngesters not legally allowed to buy a pack of cigarettes from 7/11. The duo of No Trace has released their sophomore effort, which is perfect because they are also sophomores in high school. Now when you listen through this tape, which I would reccomend, be aware that some of their music might hit you as a tad immature or boyish, but that’s because they’re just that. Forget the lack of beautiful album artwork and other aesthetics and just listen to the raw talent of these kids. These two 16 year olds are setting themselves up for a rap career, the potential is there, and they will likely be cashing in on it in the years to come. So grab the mixtape below and be on the lookout for these two making moves.

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Playlists | Diplo’s 102 Track Summer Playlist

Posted by on May 28, 2013

diploThere are few people with a better pulse on what is going on in the music world than Diplo, so for him to assemble 102 tracks in one space to play all at once is special. It is better than anything we would come up with, so just hit play and enjoy all 6+ hours of music wherever you are. Not all of it is downloadable, but some of the tracks are free, so peruse the list, spanning from dubstep to hip hop and get to listening to all 6 hours and 24 minutes. After the jump is the full tracklist.


Hip-Hop | Skizzy Mars- Tara

Posted by on September 4, 2011

Skizzy Mars released this bit, maybe a month ago? So far from me being on top of my game. Apologies. His instrumentals are the epitome of flow, as he raps about this tough bitch named Tara. I’m all about the strong female image…oh and wit. He samples No Doubt during the chorus tying in the image of a strong independent female.
P.S: So glad to be back at Camp…I mean, college.
Download:  Skizzy Mars-Tara