Ambient, Electro-House, Electronic, Pop | Mansions on the Moon – Somwhere Else Tonight

Posted by on August 9, 2014

MOTM - Somewhere Else Tonight

For anyone who has been a follower of Mansions on the Moon, it is a very exciting time. Though they’ve had solid releases in the past, nothing has been quite as epic as what is about to happen. They’ve teased us with the collaborative mix they did with DJ Benzi and taunted us with their EP released almost a year ago now, but for the very first time ever Mansions on the Moon is releasing an ALBUM. They’ve let us get a little glimpse for the rest to come with the release of “Don’t Tell“, and now “Somewhere Else Tonight”. Though the songs take completely different turns, the album as a whole is to be nothing less of an accomplishment. For now you can sit on these two singles, but make sure to catch the release of their self-titled album because its gonna be BIG.

Electronic, Indie | Mansions On The Moon – Full Moon EP

Posted by on October 2, 2013

Mansions on the Moon dropped their first album ‘Paradise Falls‘ in late 2010 with some killer tracks that made people instantly bandwagon. 3 years later… and they’re still coming out with quality music that keeps to their style and does their overall image justice. ‘Full Moon EP‘ is a compilation of their 2 latest songs with a undertone of pop and overtones of electro-hop along with lyrics that are relatable and quality. Give them a listen and you’ll be a insta-fan too.