Albums, Review, Trap | Brillz – Retwonked

Posted by on December 17, 2013


Just a week ago, Brillz dropped a remix rendition of his Twonk LP. This release is suitably named Retwonked and is a song for song remix package (granted, there are two remixes of WTF on here), and it again takes trap style music and gives if a jet engine face wash.

Brillz is among the clan of artists that are responsible for keeping trap music – and other genres, in a less significant manner – interesting and moving forward. Mundane isn’t in this dude’s vocabulary. I love listening to Brillz mixes, and seeing him live because his music is a blast to party to. It’s trap music that’s hyped way up, and includes so many elements of different genres, that he can toss in just about anything that is high energy and it feels right at home. He brought on a bunch of remixes by his other fellow innovators for this package. The result that is unprecedented, and packed with upside-down A’s. I gave a few words about each track, as well as an EP teaser mix and a full length Brillz mix after the jump.


Bass, Trap | Milo & Otis – Love 2 Love U

Posted by on November 4, 2013

Milo & Otis - Love 2 Love UHell just froze over because this Trap track goes harder than Ron Jeremy winning a Woody. Milo & Otis own face with this, the sampling is a great touch, but seriously, dat bass…

Milo & Otis

Free Download: Milo & Otis – Love 2 Love U

Trap | NYMZ – Bingbong /Bowdown

Posted by on September 20, 2013


NYMZ is back at it again releasing a massive debut EP with tracks, “Bingbong” and “Bowdown“. Grab a free download below and make sure to check this guy out on Facebook. We are expecting big things.

Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter


Trap | Steve Aoki, Chris Lake, Tujamo – Boneless (NYMZ Remix)

Posted by on September 7, 2013

Just as I was growing tired of the original (#1 on Beatport), this guy NYMZ puts it on another level. Despite being a fresh face as a solo project, I found out this kid is 1/2 of Milo & Otis (Killagraham & NYMZ). Expect big things…

Free Download: Boneless (NYMZ Remix)

Moombahton | BTSM – Rhythm Mode (Milo & Otis Remix)

Posted by on May 1, 2012

I always love opening my Gmail inbox in the mornings and seeing a new release from Milo & Otis in there. I know to expect some funky Moombah/100bpm banger to just be waiting to bump on my speakers. These dudes have been giving away free tracks for over a month now and it was about time they got a release on Beatport. This is such a dope remix of Black Tiger Sex Machine’s track that I cant stop listening to it over and over again. The build up and progressions in this track are fantastic; not to mention the laser synth drop. Grab this track on Beatport HERE.

Moombahton | Moombah Mondays

Posted by on April 9, 2012

First off, sorry for missing last weeks Moombah Mondays, but school can take the full blame for that. Shout out to the boys at Moomba Blasta on youtube always providing the best in Moombahton. If you haven’t subscribed to them on youtube, get on it! Lazy Rich’s new remix EP for his single The Chase released today, but this free remix was given away courtesy of Never Say Die records teaming up with Moomba Blasta. Such a great remix with a little bit of Roksonix flavor we have been seeing lately. This next track is from an artist that I really admire in Moombahton. Valentino Khan getting another one of his remixes released, and this time it’s to NAPT & Peo De Pitte’s new funky track Gonna Be Mine. Valentino’s use of new sounds and synths is what attracted me most to this dope remix. Show him some support and get it off Beatport provided in the Soundcloud link below.
NAPT & Peo De Pitte – Gonna Be Mine (Valentino Khan Remix) (PREVIEW) [OUT NOW ON BEATPORT!] by Valentino Khan



Moombahton | Moombah Mondays

Posted by on March 26, 2012

Slowly but surely more and more artist are taking their stab at some form of Moombahton. You can add Helicopter Showdown to the growing list of artists who are putting out some form of Moombahton. One of their most well known tracks, Dramatron which was a big hit during last years UMF played out by Rusko, is now in Moombah VIP form. This is definitely some of the more heavier form of Moombah and FYI at 20k likes on their Facebook page they will release this track on their upcoming EP for FREE!

Helicopter Showdown’s Facebook
Helicopter Showdown – DramaTron VIP [Clip] by Helicopter Showdown

: DFace slowly climbing his way to the top of Moombahton, just released his second EP on Rot10 Music. Lots of new sounds from him as well as veering away from the heavy Moombahcore sounds we are so used to hearing from him.  Nevertheless : Dface knows what he is doing when it comes to Moombahton so be sure to show him some support.
No Stopping EP

Bro Safari pulling a Skrillex on this tune and remixing his own track. With that said, this track is banger. He needed to add a little more spice into his SXSW and WMC sets, so he took one of his most highly known tracks, Da Worm, and buffed it up. Adding some nice transitions and BPM changes as well as a heavy bass synth sound that adds a nice flex to this track. You would be dumb not to grab this free download.
Bro Safari – Da Worm (Bro Safari: Self-Indulgent Remix) [Free Download] by BRO SAFARI

Next up is a duo that is new to me that I didn’t even know existed until I received an email about them. As individual artists you might know them as Killagraham and NYMZ. Killagraham is no stranger to heavy dubstep tunes, while NYMZ brings some House and Moombah flavor to the duo. As a group they go by Milo & Otis dropping some funky Moombah tunes. Show these guys some love and like there new Facebook page, you won’t regret it.

Milo & Otis Facebook

Wonderwall (Milo & Otis Wondermoom Mix) by Milo & Otis
Milo & Otis – Luck (Original Mix) by Milo & Otis