Electronic | Kris Cody’s “Zonin Out” is brilliant

Posted by on April 21, 2016

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American newcomer Kris Cody just dropped a track called “Zonin Out” featuring the gorgeous voice of Anya Siviski, and man is it brilliant! “This track grasps an emotional state of instability and a blurred mental frame of mind – the feeling of wanting to be with someone so badly, your mind’s adrift, away from physical reality….a story almost everyone goes through at some point” – Kris Cody. The best part about music is its ability to invoke so much raw emotion within the listener, and this track does exactly that! Kris Cody is definitely someone to keep an eye out for, but for now check out “Zonin Out”.

Hip-Hop | Kid Cudi – King Wizard (Prod. By Kid Cudi)

Posted by on October 3, 2012

Kid Cudi unveils King Wizard off his upcoming album. ”Mark my words, INDICUD will be the greatest album ever made. Know that I’m not lying.” says Cudi. Unfortunately my lack of mental strength here at 3:46 AM hinders me from dreamweavering your comprehensional abilities with a marvelous opinion.

Hip-Hop | Gaines – Chill Out (Loud Remix)

Posted by on March 28, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Macadelic remixes have begun! This one comes from my man Gaines who put his own spin on Mac Miller’s “Loud”. It’s titled “Chill Out” and I’m really feeling this one, especially his sound on the hook. Gaines is someone who I’ve been showing a lot of support for since he approached me months back to promote his video for “Mental“. Since then, he’s been on his grind and dropped a dope video which featured Mod Sun called “Party“. If you’re diggin’ Gaines you can check out his previous videos after the jump!

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Hip-Hop | Gaines – Mental (Prod. by Lazy Thunda) [Music Video]

Posted by on January 25, 2012

Minneapolis rapper Gaines drops a video for his 2nd single off his upcoming album, The Night Crawler. This is definitely a unique video with a concept that is on point. It has almost a dark, creepy feel to it. Lookout for more Gaines in the very near future. He is just preparing to shoot a video with Mod Sun for a dope new party track. If you dig Gaines you can follow him on his Twitter, Facebook or Reverbnation.