Deep House, Indie | Marcio Lama Delivers the Sweet Taste of ‘Melrose’

Posted by on April 10, 2015



Marcio Lama has made it a point to demonstrate his versatility as a producer. ‘Melrose’ is a pure rendition of this statement. It’s blissful symphonic collection of bells, wavey synths and the seductive voice of Binks delivers a work of art. This insinuates an atmosphere of positive vibes and summer sunshine. The Dominican Republican native side-steps away from his comfort zone but to no one’s disappointment. This will feed anyone’s addiction for something fresh.

Future House, Indie | Marcio Lama – Winter In July

Posted by on February 18, 2015

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Marcio Lama is the future. A simple graze over his music and you’ll get a sense of what kind of atmosphere this producer is trying to facilitate. The sped up bass line dominates the track but with vocals as captivating as these this song is perfect. It’s made for the long drive – for moments of reflection. This one is a sure repeat for me – and it’s a free download.