Chill, Hip-Hop, Videos | Alex Jordahl – All Things Go

Posted by on July 17, 2012

I’ve never been a fan of Alex Jordahl. Something about his music just never spoke to me. His manager always sent his releases to me, and I always listened, and my response was always the same: “Maybe next time.” Well, this time, it finally clicked. Everything about this song, the lyricism, the beat, the video, make it a complete success to me. The visuals, done by 15 year old video editing prodigy, Justin Escalona, match up perfectly with the overall vibe of this track. I hope this song can speak to you like it spoke to me, enjoy.

Hip-Hop | SplYt – Catch 22 (Mixtape)

Posted by on May 23, 2012

I had never heard the name SplYt(split) before until a few weeks ago when his manager dropped something in the chatbox, I had time, so I gave it a listen and wasn’t impressed. Sure, the kid has some flow, and the beat was decent, but I had no idea it could lead to a project like this. Every beat is carefully chosen, and each one if murdered in its own respect. Keep in mind that SplYt is new to the game, this is his freshman tape, and he shows loads of potential. Of course, there are some things that he could do better, but it would be a crime not to post this. This kid is going places. I’ve had enough with the over saturation in the rap game, and I can’t stand MCs that don’t do anything unique, but this kid just has straight talent.

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Review | TimeFlies Take Dallas By Storm At The Palladium Ballroom [Exclusive]

Posted by on March 27, 2012

“Who are you here for?” a Palladium parking attendant asks as I roll my window down slowly.

“Timeflies and Sammy Adams…”

“You’re going to have the park in the lot behind you. This is reserved for the artists.” We pay our obligatory ten dollars to park, and walk to the side of the Palladium where Jared Glick, Timeflies’s manager, asks us to meet him before sound check.

It’s 6:45, and there’s already a line of overzealous fans forming at the door in the hopes to see Timeflies up close and personal.

Five minutes later, Cal Shapiro one-half of Timeflies, appears wearing a black cardigan hoodie and Ray-Ban sunglasses, greeting us as he walks up to the door.



Hip-Hop | Rick Ross Ft. Lil Wayne – 9 Piece

Posted by on June 26, 2011

I’m speechless right now. I’m just absolutely speechless. How unoriginal could this cop get? The only thing remotely good about this video was that the bawse included southern hip-hop legends 8Ball & MJG. That’s it. Let me say this. I love Rick Ross. I can’t get enough of the bawse. However, if you’re a rapper and you’re still selling dope off your iPhone you’re losing. On top of that, does anyone notice how weak Wayne’s verses have been lately?

Since he decided to get off the purple drank (which Drake is heavily using now) he hasn’t been on the same level musically. It’s like he’s just mailing in verses. Mark my words, Wayne won’t ever do Carter III numbers again. He doesn’t have the hype surrounding him like Drake does. Hell, nobody wants to work with him because he doesn’t pay you. He should drop at least two mixtapes (I know he’s coming with “Sorry For The Wait”) before the album. Somebody hire me as their brand manager already.

I hate to say it, but I can tell Wayne feels under appreciated right now. How do I know this? Because he announced in an interview with XXL that he feels, “under appreciated”. If he wants to feel appreciated again, maybe he’ll step up the quality of his product. I’ll give the bawse a get out of jail free card for now. Besides, It’s deeper than snacks. UGHN!

DOWNLOAD: Rick Ross Ft. Lil Wayne – 9 Piece

As a bonus, I’ve included Kevin Cossom’s “Racks” remix. Yes, I know I’m late. I don’t want to hear it in the chatbox. I’m simply posting it because many blogs overlooked it and I prefer this over the original version.

DOWNLOAD: Kevin Cossom- Racks (Remix) ILL

Hip-Hop | Introducing I.O.U | Hip-Hop

Posted by on May 14, 2011

I.O.U. is made up of Izee, Buck, and Chuck, their manager. They were formally known as Deuce1s, under which they put out their take on the Black and Yellow beat “Black and Scarlet” and the Empire State of Mind track “Rutgers State of Mind.” When I first heard them back in January I was impressed, but instead of dropping tracks they decided to put a lot more time in their productions. Here is their newest track, its incredible and features some hot vocals from Evangelia Psarakis. They will be releasing a free album in the coming weeks entitle B.O.M.B.S. Be sure to check them out on FACEBOOK.

DOWNLOAD: I.O.U. – Bottled Emotions Ft. Evangelia Psarakis


Hip-Hop | Tate Tucker “Goodnight Freestyle” | HIP-HOP

Posted by on January 31, 2011

Shouts to my man Young Mo for the tip, this up an coming rapper is armed with some serious talent. Anyone else think this freestyle would be super awkward to listen to in class? Anyways, Tate’s manager hit us up with some info, here’s what he had to say:

Tate Tucker is from Los Angeles, California and he currently attends Georgetown University. He was recently seen by Lupe Fiasco and he has been in brief contact with him. He started freestyling in 8th grade and recorded his first songs at 16. In his first semester of college he decided to take his music seriously and earned some local buzz and even some exposure from the Source Magazine (and over 130k views on worldstarhiphop). His west coast identity is expressed in all of his music, making sure anyone who listens to his tracks know that he’s an LA Native. After months of hard work he is finally starting to see some results. He is currently in the process of recording his first two mixtapes: “Falling Up” and “Everyday Vacation” both scheduled to drop in the spring.

DOWNLOAD: Tate Tucker – Goodnight Freestyle (produced by Zig-Zag)

DOWNLOAD: Tate Tucker – LA Daze (Produced By Avila Santo)

DOWNLOAD: Tate Tucker – The Intro (produced by Zig-Zag)


DOWNLOAD: Jason Derulo ft Auburn – Maniac — Solid track

DOWNLOAD: Sean Kingston ft Akon – You Girl

Interviews, Videos | VBS Interview w/ Chromeo

Posted by on September 29, 2010

Chromeo may be the only Arab/Jewish electrofunk duo on the planet. Let that mixture be a smooth metaphor for their unique sound, a blend of fancy synthesizers, a talk box, old computers, and older funk phrasings, torn from the days when the lords of the disco wore white suits and Jheri curls.

But even if Patrick “P Thug” Gemayel and David “Dave 1” Macklovitch, who met in high school in Montreal, unabashedly worship at the altar of Hall & Oates, they keep one ear to hip hop too, turning knobs on their drum machines the way they turn festivals into disco funk jamz.

But they’re not all hot nights and cool suits: until recently, Gemayel put his business school acumen to work as the band’s tour manager, and Macklovitch is earning his PhD in French literature from Columbia. Dissertation topic: “Theorizing the Pleasure of Reading in Eighteenth Century France.”

But right now, he’s all about the pleasure of getting down. In advance of their new album Business Casual, Motherboard visited the groove scientists at home in Montreal to sample their secret synth sauce, and see how it’s made. -VBS