Electro-House, FYI | Does Every Vinai Song Sound The Same?

Posted by on August 7, 2014

vinai suckIt is a hypothetical question to get your attention because the answer is yes, and here is why. I saw a side-by-side comparison a while ago and didn’t think too much of it, just an isolated incident of two songs that were made at the same time and released over the span of a few months. Then this Magnetic Mag article popped up in news feed today and I realized that this is much worse than I thought. So I decided to some more digging to try and get the full story and man it is rough. They all have the same kick, the same notes, the same Pryda snare at the exact moments in the drop — its almost like if you lined up the songs they would sound like one song. Oh wait, somebody did that and it is somewhat startling to hear the results.

To be fair, artists spend years developing a “signature” sound and once they find it, they aren’t going to deviate too far from it, especially in the early stages of their professional career. However, in this case, you see a cop and paste mentality, where almost no care goes into creating a new complete idea with each song. Instead it is a lazy reliance on what has worked in the past with no attempt to take risks or try something new. Us calling out Vinai for the pretty blatant lack of creativity probably won’t do much to dent their meteoric rise in the last year, that is up to the fans. It is up to them to decide whether or not they want to continue hearing the same song over and over again and the time when they say enough is enough may come sooner than Vinai would like.