Chill | Kai Straw Returns With Smooth Single “Madonna”

Posted by on April 26, 2019

It’s been quite a while since we last heard from the San Francisco artist Kai Straw, but we’re happy to say that he has returned with a new single. “Madonna” was just released today and it shares the genre-bending style fans of Kai Straw have come to know and love. This chiller is perfect for the weekend and although we tend to hear more energetic party tracks come out during the Spring and Summer, this one will still find its way into all of your pool party playlists. Click play, enjoy, and keep your eyes and ears peeled for more from Kai soon…

Indie, Pop | Salt Ashes – Somebody

Posted by on January 15, 2014

Salt Ashes Somebody 500Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

Meet Salt Ashes, the latest singer to emerge from the UK, with her debut single “Somebody,” a synth-pop record with nu-disco vibes that’s going to make you want to dance. Supported by a dark and sexy music video, fitting for Wednesday hump-day, not only can she sing, but Miss Ashes is hot! If you’re looking for refreshing music, “Somebody” is that track for you, I’ve personally had it on repeat all morning. It’s about time nu-disco makes a comeback and goes mainstream again like Madonna in the 80’s! This is a must listen, and a must download!

iTunes: Salt Ashes – Somebody

House | Pittman and Forekast

Posted by on April 26, 2012

Pittman has released a few tracks within the past couple days, the most recent being his hot remix of Calvin Harris and Ne-Yo’s ‘Let’s Go.’

This is an incredible Progressive House remix, Forekast really did an incredible job. The vocals are not overused like a lot of remixes of ‘Better Off Alone.’ This remix is very laid back, yet you can’t help but dance a little to this simple sweet melody.


Events, Progressive House | Madonna vs. Avicii – Girl Gone Wild (UMF Mix) + Other Remixes

Posted by on April 21, 2012

Aaaaand boom. The remixes for Girl Gone Wild have just dropped a bit out of no where and this package is absolutely massive. Not only do you have Avicii on here, you have Size label member Kim Fai offering his take on this track with emotive strings and pulsing electro drop, Dada life bringing their signature heavy electro sound as well as remixes from David Audé, Justin Cognito and others. The Avicii remix is the best one of the bunch and he made this track in 3 days so you have to admire the skill that went into this REMIX. Yes this is a remix of a Madonna track, he did not make it for her, so I do not understand the arguments that he sold out. Benny Benassi made the original track. If he sold out then Hardwell and Laidback Luke both sold out for doing a remix of Taio Cruz – Hangover. Then Dada Life sold out for doing a remix of this song. Then Calvin Harris has definitely sold out for producing and writing “We Found Love” and his upcoming track with Ne-Yo “Let’s Go”. Then Dirty South sold out for doing a remix of “Coming Home”, then Mark Knight sold out for doing his remix of “You Found The Love”. I could go on, but what I am saying is if you want to hate on the man for rising to success so quickly, that is your peragotive, but to claim he sold out for doing this remix is simply wrong.

Madonna vs. Avicii – Girl Gone Wild (UMF Mix) + Other Remixes – iTunes Link

Also do not forget to get your tickets for his US Arena tour coming up this summer that will feature his new live show. Check back this week for something special about that.

DJ-Set, Electro-House, Progressive House | DJ Rav – House Nation 2012 Vol 1

Posted by on March 18, 2012

Some of you may remember DJ Rav from his recent FNT DJ set. This mix master with an affinity for everything House fills his sets with the perfect medley of Dutch, Progressive, and Eletro. His latest project, House Nation 2012 Vol 1, will send any house-head into an hour long bender of music bliss.

Download: DJ Rav – House Nation 2012 Vol 1

Follow DJ Rav: Facebook | Twitter

For the Tracklist…


Hip-Hop, Videos | Timeflies Tuesday: Time Goes By

Posted by on February 8, 2012

[do action=”youtube” videoid=”9Ca65Xm2BtI”/]

Timeflies is gold.  Plain and simple, they deliver.  Timeflies Tuesday has transformed into a legitimate download worthy song week after week.  Sulking in the defeat of our Patriots, Cal and Res redirect their positive energy to focus on the beauty of Madonna and her impressive halftime performance.  At age 53 Madonna is still looking hella good lip syncing like she’s 25.  Sampling one of her many hits, “Music”, Cal spurs off some incredible vocals covering the Super Bowl halftime show while paying respect to Myra Kraft.  Timeflies will kick off their midwest tour this week so make sure you enjoy this video and catch them live if they’re in your city.