Hip-Hop | Radical Something – California

Posted by on July 20, 2011

Radical Something aka Loggy, Josh Cocktail, and Big Red aka the group that is monopolizing the sound waves reaching your eardrums on these cool summer days, are back at it with their latest single “California.” The formula is simple: mix some feel good lyricism from Loggy with the heart felt crooning of Josh Cocktail and you get one damn good summer vibe. After hitting the blogwaves with Be Easy, Escape , and Long Hair Don’t Care, the release of “California” neatly fits into the growing summer playlist from this super-group.

Radical Something – California

Hip-Hop, Indie | Radical Something – Long Hair Don’t Care

Posted by on July 14, 2011

Here’s yet another summer jam for everyone to throw on deck during those sunny days. The inspiration behind the lyrics came from a series of strange events that I’ll let Loggy (a member of the group) describe:

“Long Hair Don’t Care” was created mid way through Radical Something’s studio lockdown in Florida. The jam’s instrumental was laid down during the day but came full circle that night when we grabbed some beer and an old stereo out of the studio, hopped a fence at a nearby apartment complex, and sat by a moonlit pool, listening to the track and looking for some lyrical inspiration. We found it easily–a few minutes later, 2 cop cars came screeching around the corner with their sirens blaring and searchlights pointed right at us. Within seconds we were face down on the pavement getting detained for open containers and tresspassing. We were let off with some petty infractions. Pissed off and oddly inspired, we bounced right back to the studio where we immediately wrote and cut the entire track. “


DOWNLOAD: Radical Something – Long Hair Don’t CareGnarly!