Drum & Bass, Preview | Etherwood – Give It Up (Hospital Records “Sick Music 3” Announcement)

Posted by on October 24, 2012

I just have not been able to get enough of this over the past day. Etherwood first made his big appearance with his collaboration remix with Jakwob of Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games.” Etherwood is one of the most underrated Liquid Drum & Bass producers out there. Of course that will change once this releases on Hospital Records’ new upcoming compilation “Sick Music 3.” The compilation consists of 28 tracks from Fred V & Grafix, Netsky, Gridlok, Muffler, Dany Byrd, Etherwood (of course), and many more. This great collection of music from Hospital Records is releasing Monday, November 26th. For the time being enjoy this preview of Etherwoods beautiful work.


Drum & Bass | Drum & Bass Friday

Posted by on August 10, 2012

Liquid Drum & Bass seems to release awkwardly. Sometimes I will go weeks without finding a decent Liquid track, but on days like today my thoughts are serenaded into blissful submission.


This next liquid Drum & Bass track is even more laid back than the first. The vocals on the track are strong compliments the euphoric attitude it carries. In a way it makes me sad that September is close and so is Summers end.


There is an interesting story behind this remix. Tom Budin actually debated whether or not to release this because he was not able to get the actual stems making it sound a little sloppy. Being honest, if this is a sloppy remix, Ed Sheeran has to give this guy the track stems because this is still an incredible remix. I am glad Tom ended up releasing this ‘mess.’


Just like Liquid, my hunt for decent Warehouse Drum & Bass is always cut short by wannabes that don’t seem to understand the artisitic value of the genre. Thrilla seems to understand that Warehouse is more than just heavy sounds, kicks, and snare. The composure of the track matters, this isn’t David Guetta laziness.

Drum & Bass | Wolftek Ft. Jessika Dawn – Dreamers of Tomorrow

Posted by on June 17, 2012

This is perfect Liquid Drum & Bass for a Sunday. Hung over or just lazy as hell, this track will take you into the dimensions of tomorrow and back. Wolftek created an incredibly beautiful track, leaving the final touches to Jessica Dawn to set this track off right. Hope everyone had a great weekend.


Drum & Bass | Drum & Bass Friday

Posted by on June 15, 2012

For this weeks Drum & Bass Friday, I ended with a lot of Liquid tracks. Not that it’s a bad thing, Liquid Drum & Bass is art, very smooth, often beautiful to listen to. Starting off the post is preview of an unofficial remix of Madeon’s ‘Icarus’ by Crissy Criss. This remix sounds awesome. No word on a download release date yet, but it is well worth listening to. Crissy Criss really gave the remix his own sound.

Last track for the post you can’t download, is a clip from iM3’s upcoming album, ‘Silence Before The Storm.’ This Liquid track is incredibly smooth, with a very cool groove that fades in and out on the drop.

Continuing the Liquid of the post is a calm track from Wolftek. I absolutely love the flutes that come in and out throughout the track. If you had a rough day or just want to relax, this is the perfect track for you.

The composure of this track is gorgeous. It is very progressive, with the second drop breaking into more of a Drum & Bass beat.