Electronic | Mel Ody And Like Lions Collide Once Again On “Set My Mind On Fire”

Posted by on September 27, 2020

Power-duo Mel Ody and Like Lions are back, delivering a menacing and impactful tune with “Set My Mind On Fire.” Following early September’s “Lost & Found,” the two artists display their immense chemistry once again, as this marks their 5th collaboration to date.

A perfect display of Mel Ody’s production skills, and ability to tastefully combine orchestral and electronic elements, “Set My Mind On Fire” is out now via Killabite Media. An ominous atmosphere introduces the single under Like Lions’ captivating vocals, before the drop explodes into a chaotic and breathtaking sequence of strings, brasses and hard-hitting percussion.

Bass | Mel Ody Joins Forces With Like Lions On Fierce Single “Lost & Found”

Posted by on September 4, 2020

Continuously adding to his hot streak, Mel Ody is back with yet another explosive release, enlisting long-time collaborator Like Lions for “Lost & Found.” Hard-hitting and emotional, the power-duo’s latest gem is undoubtedly a masterful combination of bass and orchestral music, with a pinch of rock and trap laid on top. 

Out via tastemaker label Lacuna, “Lost & Found” starts off by taking listeners on an epic journey with the help of cinematic drums and electric guitars, while Like Lions’ emotional vocal performance adds a lot of weight to the arrangement. The drop ultimately explodes into a series of massive brass stabs and rattling high hats, certifying this as one of Mel Ody’s most impactful releases to date.

“Throughout this year, I was feeling overwhelmed, angry and confused with everything happening around the world, and wanted to infuse those feelings into my music, combining rock elements with epic electronic music,” explains Mel Ody. “Like Lions’ performance and lyrics on top of the instrumental to “Lost & Found” perfectly encapsulated what I was feeling when I was creating it. I felt that special energy from him, feeling like you’re lost and going with the flow knowing that eventually, everything’s going to be right again.” 

Electronic | Mel Ody And Like Lions Unleash Ominous New Gem “Living With Ghosts”

Posted by on July 3, 2020

Greek talent Mel Ody is back on tastemaker label Lacuna, enlisting frequent collaborator Like Lions for ominous cut “Living With Ghosts”. The two artists linked for the second time back in January to create “Oizys”, another dark gem that was named after the ancient Greek goddess of grief, anxiety and depression. 

Their new collaboration undoubtedly displays a similarly dark theme. “Living With Ghosts” sees Mel Ody fully embrace his ability to incorporate orchestral elements into his music, creating a menacing instrumental that is as captivating as it is sinister. Electric guitar melodies, lively strings and massive brass stabs are brought together to create a truly dystopian soundscape, that is perfectly topped off by Like Lions’ distorted vocal lines; with his songwriting the Seattle-based singer and songwriter chooses to reflect on the long-lasting impacts of global crises and conflicts. 

“Earlier this year, before the pandemic, there were other global tensions happening that had me looking back at some of the major crises that have been playing out around the world in my lifetime,” revealed Like Lions. “When I sat down to write lyrics for “Living With Ghosts”, the horns and the drums felt like a battle call and I wanted to use that energy and power to try and amplify some of the stories and sentiments about the effects of war and conflict that have been passed onto me by friends who spent time on front lines.”