Artists | Kap Slap

Posted by on March 18, 2011

Kap Slap hails from Lehigh University, where between classes he finds times to make some of the best mashups we’ve heard in a while. The name “Kap Slap” comes from his familys line of a shot known as a “kap slap” where you funnel a beer and pour a shot of 151 in at the end (giving you a “slap” in the face). Sounds like his family is made up of a bunch of frat stars…

Hip-Hop | CHILL RAP | Two New Divine Rhyme Tracks

Posted by on December 17, 2010

Do I ever let you down? Here are two brand spanking new tracks from Divine Rhyme that showcase their unique style. Sir Sheck and Jahizzi started Divine Rhyme back in 2008 at Lehigh University while hosting a hip hop radio show together. After freestyling every week on the air, they decided to start making records and performing at local spots on campus and New York City. Since then the duo has opened up for The Roots, Cool Kids, Blu and Kidz N The Hall. This past spring they toured with FreshNewTracks’ affiliated artist Sam Adams on Stoolapalooza. These new tracks come off their EP, “Central Park Sessions,” set to drop in the spring. Check them out on Facebook

Divine Rhyme – Summer Nights (Livin the Life)

Divine Rhyme – WorldWide