Drum & Bass, Dubstep | ShockOne – Chaos Theory

Posted by on October 21, 2012

ShockOne has unleashed one of the biggest Dnb tunes of the year. Chaos Theory has probably been the highlight of so many sets ever since its first appearances about a year ago. I remember first hearing this tune in Knife Party’s set at ‘I Love Techno’ and thinking it was an unreleased Pendulum track because of its similar style. Nevertheless this track is an outrageous club anthem that just goes off, and I can say that after experiencing it live many times. The EP also consists of one clean radio edit, one dirty radio edit,a drumstep remix, and a dubstep mix as well. Grab the EP off of Beatport HERE.

Electro | Kap Slap – Two Million Atoms Raging (ft. Avicii, Knife Party, Ryan Tedder)

Posted by on October 10, 2012

Just in time for the Halloween, the one day holiday we use as an excuse for a month long of partying, Kap Slap has dropped the first single off his tremendously successful Back to School Mix. The track features a nice blend of genres that accumulate to create a much heavier bootleg than usual from Kap Slap. The visuals to go with the track are almost even better than the song itself…regardless, the track is ridiculous and a must have.

Dubstep | Foreign Beggars – Apex (prod. Knife Party) / Dirtyphonics Remix

Posted by on September 17, 2012

London-based hip-hop/dubstep group Foreign Beggars are back and bringing us some serious grime from their upcoming album The Uprising, set to drop on October 1st on Mau5trap Records. “Apex,” the fourth and final single, features production from none other than Knife Party — and it’s easy to see the influence of Rob and Gareth in those distortions and high laser synths. The Beggars layer some of their trademark rapid-fire verses over the instrumental, demonstrating that at the nexus of rap and dubstep lies total insanity. Included in the package is an even filthier remix from Dirtyphonics, which brings out the bass and folds in a crazy drop for good measure. A must DL for all you bassheads out there.


DJ-Set, Dubstep, Events, House | Electric Zoo Sets: Day 3

Posted by on September 5, 2012

The final day of Electric Zoo was a doozy. I still feel like I was hit by a plane and day 3 probably had a lot to do with it. Though I unfortunately missed it, Flux & Doctor P apparently put on one hell of a show in the Hilltop tent. The rest of the day was a bouncy, awesome day full of variety and great sets in all the tents. Get to them below and be sure to listen to each of the other days, DAY 1 and DAY 2 if you haven’t already.


Dubstep | R Rated #33

Posted by on June 14, 2012

Schoolboy is known for his big remixes as of late. Who can forget his Antidote remix which is still rinsed out by Knife Party almost every show, or his Why I Love You So remix. Even better was his EP “The Science Project”, which contained my favorite track by him till date, Paradigm. Now embarking on his latest and largest remix for Infected Mushroom’s track Nation of Wusses; he has gone and done it again. Smashing another monster creation of his that is sure to have him noticed, if people don’t know of him already. This first preview has to be one of my favorite remixes of the week. Teknian crushing this Fade Into Darkness remix for the Avicii remix competition, but deciding to not submit it through. Instead he is going to lay down some original vocals for release later on, which excites me even more for its release.

InfraRed is moving onto big things as far as there upcoming releases. Some of the stuff I have been hearing is sounding monstrous and out of this world as far as dubstep and drum & bass. This Wickman EP is sounding big so be sure to be on the lookout for a release date in the upcoming weeks. I love the old school heavy sounds in this track and how they are all mixed in so well together.



Dubstep, Electro-House, Moombahton, Review | Knife Party – Rage Valley EP

Posted by on May 27, 2012

Knife Party’s long anticipated ‘Rage Valley’ EP has finally released, despite the leak a few days back. For those of you that havent the chance to listen to ‘Rage Valley’ in its entirety, it is about time you do so. Kicking off this sick EP is the title track ‘Rage Valley.’ Dirty Electro-House, this track is rage, the initial build up to the drop is immense. Building similar to ‘Internet Friends,’ but without the slightly annoying iPhone ringer and dropping like a Unicorn on Bear steroids. The next track is my favorite for sure, ‘Centipede’ has been played in Knife Party’s live sets for over a year now. It is exactly what dubstep fans love to hear. I love how the intro mentions how the Centipede is basically better than the Tarantula, for those of you that don’t know Knife Party’s other allias, Pendulum, has a track named ‘Tarantula.’ The track is filthy, portrating the power and deadliness that a Centipede has. ‘Bonfire’ I fell in love with instantly, Sev and I have been all over the Reggae vibed Dubstep tracks recently. Even if it is just the vocals, this track hit a sweet spot for us. The last track ‘Sleaze’ I did not know much about before listening. Knife Party couldn’t have ended this epic EP in a better way, ‘Sleaze’ is one of the few Moombahton tracks that I listen to and it wreaks house. This track is the definition of an all night rager, in a live setting I’m sure all of these track destroy the dance floor. The ‘Rage Valley’ EP is what its name says, a rager waiting to happen.


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Dubstep | R Rated #30

Posted by on May 23, 2012

This week released some insane dubstep tracks for R Rated, even a few non-dubstep tracks that earn their way onto the post. Sev provided this weeks first killer tune for R this week. Why no one has ever made a remix like this of this track baffles me, but who am I to complain when this remix from Divine X now exists.

With the Rage Valley EP officially dropping May 27th, it only seems right to include a nasty remix of Knife Party. Tolgar blew my ****ing mind with this remix, the synth and bass work is insane. Prepare yourselves.

DUBSurce has always pleased my ears with some sick dubstep jams. None of which can compare to this dirty track he just dropped. The drumstep really goes off without flaw, making you want more and more of it.

Another one of Adele’s most over remixed tracks, ‘Set Fire To The Rain’ has the vocals that everyone wants to use. I am still a huge fan of Cazzette’s remix, but Audio Punk knew the sweet spot to hit with me. This remix is awesome, the vocal positioning is great and the bass work is epic.

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