Chill | Kiso & Kayla Diamond steers toward pop in new empowering, dance-inspired single “Sober feat. Vanillaz”

Posted by on July 11, 2018

A repeating element of the Kiso experience has been the uplifting work you find within, sometimes paired with or without vocal work. “Sober” certainly steers the sound in this common arena, but shows a certain sophistication and uniqueness defining his direction and style in 2018. Kiso has moved from a new guy to now a near-veteran in the scene over the years. Cranking out goodness consistently and always splashing a bit of color and excitement into what he puts out.

His alignment with both Kayla Diamond and Vanillaz showcases Kiso’s keen ear for an organic feel of balance and smoothness – an aspect both featured artists inputted here. Undoubtedly, more is in the works for each respective act, find them on their socials for more goodies in the coming months.

Chill | Kiso & Kayla Diamond Drop Chill-Laced Single “Blanket”

Posted by on October 16, 2017

Having previously locked in over 5 million streams on their 2016 “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” cover, Kiso and Kayla Diamond find themselves back in the studio, creating what has now become “Blanket,” a single that taps into the power of soft-string instruments and a chill-house vibes. Each artist has their own hype they’ve each well-earned, Kayla Diamond has been on labels such as Monstercat, has done a handful more of popular covers, and collaborated with Kiso many times. Kiso seems to know what it takes to make a hit, 10 million streams in 18 months now being attached to his name. Kiso and Kayla Diamond have found a niche they are working perfectly.