Bass | “Stayin Lifted” Music Video A Strong Follow Up To King Kurt & Galactik’s ‘Elements of Flow’

Posted by on June 5, 2020

With their collaborative EP now behind them, Elements of Flow, the two have released none other than a new music video as a sick follow up, “Stayin Lifted.” With Sacramento as the setting for the filming, there are plenty of positive vibes built in with this one.

With dope shots of King Kurt and Galactik Vibes and an overall classic 420 vibe built into the direction of photography here, “Stayin Lifted” is one video with serious repeat value.

Shot by Jae Synth, the video is a unique extension of lyrics and wordplay that the original audio release brought to our attention.

Check out the video in full above.

Bass | ‘Elements Of Flow’ An Eclectic Work From Talented Artists’ King Kurt & GALACTIK VIBES

Posted by on January 24, 2020

With a beautiful mix of various bass, chill, and downtempo aesthetics, a genuine vibe is conveyed start to finish with King Kurt and Galactik Vibes’ collaborative Elements of Flow EP.

Each bringing more than just production work to the EP, the juxtaposition these two tangle while simultaneously ringing in a true-to-life narrative, as well, is simply something not to be missed.

Dropped on Oracle Records and exemplifying an insane amount of versatility, Elements of Flow EP is a gift that keeps on giving.