Hip-Hop, Indie | Kai Straw Releases Highly Anticipated Toothpick Album

Posted by on April 21, 2016

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A few weeks ago we covered a single called “The Business” that featured Bay Area legends Keak Da Sneak and Roach Gigz. The song’s creator, Kai Straw, pushed it as one of the lead singles off his Toothpick album that was due out through his own label, Tenth Gate Records. Now, Toothpick is here, packed with ten singles that are all incredible. From beginning to end Kai manages to do more than just hold your attention. He keeps your emotions running high in various ways, depicting stories and painting vivid pictures with his potent words. He’s a prolific songwriter, and together with the producer of the album, James The Bear, Toothpick’s content is both dynamic and extraordinary. Check out the full album, and make sure to prepare yourself for a music video, as Kai has announced that he will be creating one; however, he’s currently getting fans opinions on which they would like to see.

Kai Straw – Toothpick: Purchase on Kai’s Website

Hip-Hop, Rap | Kai Straw Enlists Keak Da Sneak & Roach Gigz For New Single

Posted by on March 28, 2016

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Recently the internet put in front of me an artist that I wish I had known earlier. Kai Straw of San Francisco is the man I am referring to. This dude is coming out with a new album entitled Toothpick on April 12th, but he’s providing singles a bit early to tide fans over. The second single off of the album is “The Business,” which features Bay Area collaborators Keak Da Sneak and Roach Gigz. The record is a fresh breath of air in the hip-hop world, that is largely being ran by the R&B meets trap style. Here, we get a classic rap creation that brings solid verses to the table with a unique beat produced by James The Bear. Expect another couple singles before the album drops, as they are sure to be some top quality tunes.

Hip-Hop, Rap | Sam Lachow – 80 Bars Pt. 2

Posted by on July 13, 2013

Oh, where to begin…Well, how about with GZA, because that’s exactly where Sam started. Then on to Lil’ Keke, Kanye, Keak Da Sneak, Nelly, and finally TLC. Blending all these instrumentals together flawlessly, Lachow shows off his versatility as well as command of delivery. Seattle born and raised, Sam has no qualms with showing pride for The Town; the whole video is shot throughout the city and displays Sam and company clowning around. And, that’s really what this release was about, after the slowed-down introspective sounds of Sam’s previous release, “King Lear“, this was a fun way to bounce back and show that the fun-loving kid was still having a great time making music.

Sam has just finished up his Midwest/Northwest tour and is now back at it in the studio. There is without a doubt plenty more to be heard, and in fact “80 Bars Pt. 3” will release as soon as Lachow reaches 10k followers on Twitter. What are you waiting for? Go follow him, I need some new music!