Hip-Hop, Mixtapes | WoodysProduce – OutKast Remixed Mixtape

Posted by on February 11, 2013

WoodysProduce - OutKast Remixed MixtapeI have been extremely excited for the release of this remix mixtape. WoodysProduce states “OutKast is the greatest duo in music. Ever. Since they are not getting back together anytime soon, I wanted to shed new light on some of my favorite songs and give people some new Kast to bump.” He couldn’t have said it any better. OutKast was amazing, they revolutionized Hip-Hop, and were one of the most influential duos of our generation. Woody revamped 11 great tracks. My top 5 remixes in no specific order are “ATLiens,” “Intl Player Anthem,” “Wheelz of Steel,” “B.O.B.,” and “Jazzy Belle.” Of course, this entire mixtape is awesome, the top 5 of others will differ from mine. My one negative is that I was sad he did not remix “The Way You Move” seeing as it is one of my favorites but this is not a real complaint. Enough chat, Woody provides nostalgia at its finest.


Mixtape Download: WoodysProduce – OutKast Remixed

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