Chill | Internet Friends Put Twist On Deep-Pop Sound With “24/7”

Posted by on August 9, 2017

Based in 2 different countries, a brand new duo have emerged with their first release “24/7” now out. I.F. embody and expand on the uplifting elements the internet has brought into this world – one of them being the fact the group can do their thing due to the web providing the platform for an existence of value. With that said, Internet Friends are not wasting a second of opportunity this era offers. Sharing the first of 6 songs that have the power to impact the deep house / tropical / chill-pop dance market with uniqueness. Internet Friends are just getting online, but aren’t going anywhere soon.

Electro-House, Review | Knife Party – Haunted House EP

Posted by on May 6, 2013

Knife Party - Haunted House EPA lot of people have been highly anticipating the next Knife Party release. Knife Party had stated that their “Haunted House Tour” was not related to an EP, but as you can see that’s not the case. I do like this EP, but it is further proof of how lazy the duo is when it comes to producing. My take on this EP is positive and negative, just to warn those of you who will take offense or disagreement to my opinions of each track.

“Power Glove” is a fun, hard hitting Electro-House track that I am sure is a blast in a live setting, but half the time I feel like I am listening to another VIP of “Internet Friends”. “LRAD” isn’t my style of House, I know it is a lot of fun in a big room with a good sound system, but I can’t get over how repetitious this style is. I like to be kept interested in a song, this just sounds like a track meant to please the tasteless festival attendees who are on countless drugs anyways. Speaking of an “Internet Friends VIP”, I am a bit disappointed that Knife Party included the actually VIP in this EP. I will not lie that I have been dying to get my hands on it, but seeing as “Power Glove” already sounds a bit like the original in the drop, I can’t help but think they could have picked a better original to include instead. Finally we get to the only track on the EP that actually sounds like a lot of effort and time was put into its creation. “EDM Death Machine” starts out with a kicking beat and light use in samples, it sounds like they learned from over sampling in “Internet Friends”. I love the progression Knife Party uses, my first listen was exciting, they managed to keep me on my toes the entire way through.

To those of you who are thinking “What are you talking about? This EP is amazing!” I do think it is good, amazing is a little far considering how less creative this EP feels as a whole. I would however recommend this to everyone. Knife Party has always made it their job to help you rage, even if they appear to be extremely lazy at times.

Knife Party

Beatport: Knife Party – Haunted House EP

Dubstep, Electro-House, Moombahton, Review | Knife Party – Rage Valley EP

Posted by on May 27, 2012

Knife Party’s long anticipated ‘Rage Valley’ EP has finally released, despite the leak a few days back. For those of you that havent the chance to listen to ‘Rage Valley’ in its entirety, it is about time you do so. Kicking off this sick EP is the title track ‘Rage Valley.’ Dirty Electro-House, this track is rage, the initial build up to the drop is immense. Building similar to ‘Internet Friends,’ but without the slightly annoying iPhone ringer and dropping like a Unicorn on Bear steroids. The next track is my favorite for sure, ‘Centipede’ has been played in Knife Party’s live sets for over a year now. It is exactly what dubstep fans love to hear. I love how the intro mentions how the Centipede is basically better than the Tarantula, for those of you that don’t know Knife Party’s other allias, Pendulum, has a track named ‘Tarantula.’ The track is filthy, portrating the power and deadliness that a Centipede has. ‘Bonfire’ I fell in love with instantly, Sev and I have been all over the Reggae vibed Dubstep tracks recently. Even if it is just the vocals, this track hit a sweet spot for us. The last track ‘Sleaze’ I did not know much about before listening. Knife Party couldn’t have ended this epic EP in a better way, ‘Sleaze’ is one of the few Moombahton tracks that I listen to and it wreaks house. This track is the definition of an all night rager, in a live setting I’m sure all of these track destroy the dance floor. The ‘Rage Valley’ EP is what its name says, a rager waiting to happen.


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Dubstep | Skrillex & Damian Marley – Make It Bun Dem (Poisound Remix)

Posted by on April 26, 2012


Poisound already destroying this remix before the single is even released. Highly known for his crazy, spastic Internet Friends remix, this one tops it for me. How can you say no to some 110 BPM goodness especially with some reggae vibes from Damian Marley. I can see Skrill dropping this one once he gets a chance to listen to it; big ups to Poisound. RUDEBOY BASS!